Bro. Geoff in September 2018 Broadcast vs Serena Williams

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  • NeedToKnow

    The September broadcast opens up with a story of 80 yr old brother Geoff who gave up been in a band all them years ago. Fast forward to 2018 and we have a world renown tennis player and JW as far as we’re told.

    So where some are encouraged to leave the world and it’s futile pursuits of fame and fortune, others are not. Or even punished for their behaviour on court or for been photographed with their country’s flag where others have been executed for refusing to salute flags.

    I guess the contributions she makes make it okay. Catholics used to call it “indulgences”. And Christ called it hypocrisy.

  • Doubter

    Do your homework. Serena is not and never has been a jw.

    But fake news sales, though.

  • carla

    "Do your homework. Serena is not and never has been a jw."- In my opinion that is only in the minds of jw's themselves. To the outside world if you claim to be a jw, go around thanking jah, saying you won't celebrate a birthday because you are a jw, then to the rest of the world you are in fact a jw. The outside world has no idea of the 'baptism' requirement and all the other silly rules & regulations that make one a jw. jw's can deny all they want which just makes them look weirder than they already are.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    She certainly projects to outsiders that she is a JW. Of course, we know she was never baptized but when you give interviews talking about how "we" don't celebrate birthdays, the average person is going to assume that she is a JW. What a fine witness she gives! Sex outside marriage, fits of anger, using profanity, etc. But maybe the reason the WT doesn't counter her claim is that they want people to think that JWs are normal except for a few idiosyncrasies such as not celebrating birthdays.

  • Doubter

    In line with the fake news the OP is trying to manufacture, it DOES matter if she is baptized or not.

    But facts apparently don’t matter to him, so be it..

  • Wakanda

    Exactly Carla! JWs know either through the rumor mill that she is not baptized, or they think she is not a 'good' JW (like Prince). Wt loves the publicity and loves the world thinking that she is a faithful witness. Those cowards don't have the balls to come out and tell the truth about her. I do not mean her harm, but she IS harming women by pseudo endorsing a harmful cult that she does not have to obey.

  • Doubter


    Thanks for admitting jw facts is spreading rumors about the Williams sisters not being baptized:

    The Williams sisters dominated women's tennis, but became renowned for their tempers and immodest clothing on and off court. As of 2009, neither have been baptised”

  • NeedToKnow

    In fact, I am not manufacturing fake news. It has always been assumed in my end of the world (Australia) that she is a JW. I have doubted it personally and have enquirer and was always told that she is, obviously because she says so. I have never heard of her baptism status. You see, JWs in the USA know more because they are actually amongst the org and it’s origin. The rest of us get this god-like version that we have to look through to get to the truth.

    but you’re missing the point which is that where some are encouraged to not do well in life and sacrifice for the org, others are not. Replace Serena with anyone who is considered important because they have a uni degree and can help the org via their careers. They’re a bunch of hypocrites just like the scribes and Pharisees and those were the ones Christ disliked the most and the only ones he condemned.

  • Doubter

    Doubting bro

    So you are you saying that “normal” behavior for non-jws is, and I quote:

    “Sex outside marriage, fits of anger, using profanity?”

    You’re putting your foot in your mouth by trying to spin this.

  • Doubter

    NeedToKnow -


    You were tying to draw a fake contradiction between what was being said, and what is allowed to be done.

    I just happened to see right through it.

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