Hugh Hefner died a few weeks back but no post on it. Interesting.

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  • waton

    right. I would be devastated if my daughters would be drawn into his entourage. Sex might be mighty fun, but it also has served to cement families together and care for the offspring, if done right, messy as it hopefully is, between permanent partners.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you for all your comments. Simon I am sure Hugh Hefner was a slime ball. I realize sex could be a hot topic for many. As a elder for so many years I saw a lot of sexual dysfunctional young men. They was either over sex or so guilt ridden about having sex. I just tried to use the death of Hefner to bring up the topic.

    I found it very interesting the reactions that came up. From jokes, anger and serious comments. Maybe Playboy had a bigger effect on all of us than we thought. But if it wasn't for sex none of us would be here talking about it. Thanks for the opportunity to bring this up. Still Totally ADD

  • Finkelstein

    HH was just an exploiter of woman's sexuality by commercializing it.

    One could say he was the founding father of opening the door to free capitalism concerning selling and marketing sex.

    He acquired power, sex and money but it was the money first which brought him the power and sex.

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