Hugh Hefner died a few weeks back but no post on it. Interesting.

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  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I saw my first hardcore pornographic magazines when I was six or seven. You want to know how?

    Field service.

    Yep. I was busting to pee and was lead to a householder's dingy bathroom. There, I found a tattered collection of adult magazines next to the toilet. I remember staring at the women and praying so hard to Jehovah...

    ...that I would one day grow up to look as beautiful as these starlets.

  • scratchme1010
    With all this said i feel the emasculating of male's who were raised in this cult have suffered sexual repression.

    You are kidding, right? I can tell that you didn't grow up as a woman, a gay man, or a person with a disability in that organization. It is an oppressive, controlling organization.

    You suffered the effects of a controlling groups, like everybody else in that organization, but last time I checked, the entire structure is based on male dominance. Look at the place where they expect other people (who are not heterosexual males) to be in that structure.

    Regarding sexual repression, I agree that the WT has no clue about a whole lot of things, and that includes healthy, basic human sexuality. It is made of a bunch of heterosexual (or perceived to be) men with no advanced education and no interest in learning anything new, nor in innovation of any kind. They do not know anything about basic human sexuality, they know nothing about managing their own organization, they are obsessed with controlling the lives of their followers, and some of their claims and teachings are just downright stupid.

    And since they make people's life decisions their business, of course they are going to cause harm on people in every aspect, since they want to control every aspect of people's lives.

    They expect their followers to die before believing anything other than the crap that they teach. What can you expect from that mentality? Of course they are twisted with information about human sexuality.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you 1010, that is the kind of comments I was looking for. I agree with all you said. The idea I was trying to bring out does the cult messed us up all of us sexually or is this common everywhere in religion. True all ii do understand is being a male not gay, not a women and not having a major disability. If I am guilty of anything, I a am just trying to understand and learn a little more.

    Thank you for all those who commented. Still Totally ADD

  • flipper

    STILL TOTALLY ADD- Good thread. Rest in peace Hugh Hefner. Although I feel that most extreme porn magazines devalue women by turning them into objects , which I feel is really classless and sad - at least Playboy over the years had articles that were on the cutting edge of journalism. Even articles that educated folks about sex. And yes, as a JW teenager growing up , the pictures of beautiful women definitely gave me an education about the female anatomy that I wouldn't have acquired from reading the WT or Awake magazines ! lol.

    But you are right- being raised by a strict elder dad myself , sex was always portrayed as " unclean " or " dirty " - I mean my elder dad infringed on my personal life at age 13 or 14 asking me if I had a problem with masturbation ! WTF ? Then he proceeded to read me this 6 page WT article titled " Breaking Free from Self Abuse " . And as I got older into my 20's I formed my own opinions that there was NOTHING abusive about masturbation at all ! It felt normal, good ! I mean even in that WT article it mentioned that 95 % of males on the planet and 65 % of females masturbated- so HOW in the hell could it be considered " abusive " ? It was NORMAL human behavior. And pictures from Playboy helped form a normal desire for beauty and intimacy with females - at least for me as a teenager. I certainly didn't get any sex education that was normal from Jehovah's Witnesses.

    And as I write this now as a male in my late 50's all I can say is that my sex life has been fulfilling and normal because I did NOT let the WT Society skew my views of truly how wonderful sex can be ! I' ve never felt inhibited or that sex is somehow " dirty " or " unspeakable " - it can be a beautiful experience between two consenting adults in expressing love or if not love , at least emotional closeness between two willing adult parties. I think the sad thing on our planet is how repressive organized religions have defined sex and unnecessarily made millions of people feel " guilt " over having sex. To me - that's the real crime regarding views of sex in our society. Hope this little " essay " is what you were looking for ! lol

  • jp1692

    Sex isn’t “dirty,” but it is usually messy.

    If it isn’t, you’re not doing it right!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you flipper I could not say it any better. I remember back in 1971 at the D.C. they had a big part on masturbation and how bad it was. I was 17 at the time and had no idea what masturbation was even though I was doing it. My parents never said anything about it to me so all was still the same about sex don't say don't tell. Lol. You may ask why I didn't know what that word was it was because I only knew it by the slang term that was used in my youth.

    Another reason I feel how this cult hurts people is how they expose children who are to young to such information. In early 1973 I was 18 years old my mom and I went to the ministry school and service meeting that night without my dad. He was sick with the flu. During the service meeting a talk was given on the evils of oral copulations. I then knew what both those words meant. On our way home from the meeting my mom ask me what that talk was all about. So here I am 18 years old explaining what oral sex was to my 50 year old mother. These are things no one should have to do. Lol. Just like all religion they make sex dirty so they can control others. Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • ctrwtf

    Saying you were sexually repressed because you couldn't masturbate to porn and have casual sex is vomit inducing. Most people look at HH as guilty of objectifying women for profit and think of him as disguising hedonistic behavior with "cool" at the expense of the dignity of women.

    The reality is that women living at the Mansion were regularly drugged and raped often times by HH himself if not another of his high profile guests like Bill Cosby. His life and the sycophants that idolize it are a waste of humanity.

    This is one aspect of the ex-jw community that is offensive. Just because a religion, even a cult, takes a dim view of casual sex doesn't make the teaching worthless.

  • TD
    The cult is very unhealthy in so many ways why would it not be in this case? This is my observation what are yours.

    Sadly, I agree.

    Actually, the inability to respectful discuss a sexual topic, without descending into smarmy double entendres and puerile attempts at humor is a textbook symptom of sexual repression. Sometimes I wonder if that damage ever gets undone.

  • NewYork44M
    Sex isn’t “dirty,” but it is usually messy.
    If it isn’t, you’re not doing it right!
    I guess that means I am doing it right.
  • Simon

    Hugh Hefner was an abusive slime-ball. Anyone holding him up as any sort of hero or example is a chip short of a butty.

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