Do You Ever Wish That Hillary Was President?

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  • WTWizard

    While I think Donald Dump is "bad", I also think KILLary is even worse. Putting KILLary in office would be akin to jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Ultimately, leading to full communism where you are microchipped, everything you post online could land you into the gulags, a forced vegan diet (and shortages on top of that), working 18 hours a day without a day off and still not making enough to survive--is that what you want? With KILLary, that is what it would have been--mandatory political correctness to boot.

  • flipper

    No, I wish Bernie Sanders had become my president. We would have had much less trauma than we have had this last year and a half. Peace out, Mr, Flipper

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Nobody wants to talk about that open mic when Obama pledged to help Putin before his 2nd term. Any takers. Blueblades

  • Steel

    Iran is building a bomb right now because Trump literally has to tear down everything Obama has done out of spite.

    It's is bizarre how anyone would think that is good idea. Plus it's going to cost us at the gas pumps.

  • Simon

    Bernie Saunders is the typical caricature of a loony leftist - "hey, I'll give everything away for FREE !!". But eventually, he'd run out of everyone else's money and it would be a disaster.

    But he was right about the control and power that the rich and corrupt have on the system - the way Clinton cheated him out of the nomination is perfect evidence of why she should not have been elected. Now her and the DNC are being investigated for $84 million in election funding violations. That women is corrupt and rotten all the way to the core and she corrupts everything she touches.

  • nowwhat?

    15% unemployment would be nice and free health care and welfare for illegals!

  • JaniceA

    I didn't like Hilary, but on the continuum, Trump is so low that I'd prefer her.

    I work with a socially and economically conservative person who is extremely wealthy. He knows her personally and after the election, when he lost any possibility of benefiting from his association with a incumbent (as we mostly felt she was until election night) he told me reasons that he loves and respects her as a person. None of them will be in headlines or if so, would be considered as a thing done for optics. She did a lot of good for people who could do nothing beyond their vote for her. She was kind and generous when no one was writing a story of taking a picture.

    I don't know her. This is me and my friend is one person who knows her well. I'm not saying I think she's all that and a bag of chips, but I don't think she is the evil female portrayed by the right wing media.

    The man was a longtime conservative who has known her for about 12 years. He voted for her because he had no other viable option. He knows trump for a bit longer and never imagined that he'd make that decision. But he has done business with trump so there's a different perspective.

    It's funny because he would personally benefit from a strong conservative leader, but he sees trump as a man who's out for his #1. Which would be trump. He doesn't think he's good at all.

    Yep. This is hearsay. I know the integrity of my business associate though.

    I'm still surprised that he won. i wish anyone else had won, but it's still america. So far.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Hello from a country outside the US. There's a big world out here. — Xanthippe

    “When America sneezes, the rest of the (big) world catch cold.”

  • Cadellin

    I have to speak up. Hilary Clinton would have been 1000x better than Trump, who is an unmitigated disaster from any (knowledge-based) perspective. Although Bernie Sanders had some excellent ideas/platforms, it would have been more challenging to get consensus across party lines with him, due to his polarizing effect. That said, even he would have been better than Trump. Both Clinton and Sanders would have strengthened Obamacare and pushed for universal healthcare. They both would have offered a much more insightful/humanitarian approach to immigration while still understanding the need for security. Trump is terrifying, to be honest, and is doing terrible damage to US credibility and institutions, damage that will take a long time to fix. God help us all.

  • LV101

    NO and HELL NO! Ole Hill couldn't even hear the phone ring to take a phone call -- (wait she couldn't have cared less she and Obama), much less do a decent job as Secretary of State. What a joke the entire 8 previous yrs. were. Caring for the country's security and the tax payers, military, down-trodden, working-class, not part of her MO - besides that she had the presidency all wrapped up. Serious wealth on her horizon and her inside uranium money hit and schmooze game with Russia just chunk change.

    OF COURSE, we wouldn't have known any of the terrible horror and rules she broke -- and, of course, managed to skate around with all her improper/illegal/ power acts. The chances of the economy doing as well as it is would have been non-existent. The socialists and their fantasies with ole Hil and Bernie are amazing.

    We clearly would have been further to the left a socialist system. It might look good on paper but is the bro/sister of fascism. Socialist systems are crashing -- check out Sweden and their gov't healthcare system - unreal! The rich/corrupt (Clintons/Obamas - rich off of politics) grow even more in power.

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