I am happier when i am out

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  • IamWhatIam

    Hi. Fellows. Finally find a place to share experience for JWers. I am also a ex-jwer and left the ´truth´ on Jan. 2018. I live and work in Midt Jylland in Denmark. And i just want to tell all of you, leaving JW is the best choice i have ever made and now i am much happier than before, without worring things like ´did i attend all meeting´, ´do i need to preach more´, 'do i need to quit my job to be a cleaner just like everyone else', etc. The world is much better outside. For those who are still in doubt whether you can survive outside of the orgnization, i just want to say try it, it might hurt at the begining, but you will love it. And i will share my experience later. Enjoy your life and free.

  • smiddy3

    Welcome IamWhatIam glad to have you on board ,this is a great site to say whats on your mind freely without repurcussions and been taken in the back room for the third degree.

    We dont always agree with each other but we are free to voice our opinions which we could never do in the "troof"

    Look forward to your story as we all have one .

    Take care my friend.

    P.S. be carefull about how much you divulge about yourself if you don`t want to be identified and outed .

  • stillin

    Good job, Iam. Welcome to this forum. Ditto what Smiddy said. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Welcome IamwhatIam! As your name implies it is far far better to simply be one's self as opposed to being a Watchtower drone.

    Perhaps you could give us a flavour of how Denmark is today in relation to being in and leaving the JW org. Denmark being noted here in UK for its progressive and rational thinking.

    One other question you might be able shed light on; how did a JW assembly hall in Denmark come to have an eye symbol with radiating sight lines built into it as seen in the aerial plan of its layout?

  • Xanthippe

    Hi and welcome IamwhatIam. So glad you're enjoying life now outside the cult. You're right it does hurt at first but you soon build a new life and it's so good to be calling the shots instead of being a slave to a load of window cleaners who know nothing.

  • IamWhatIam

    @smiddy3 Thank you.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Welcome Iamwhatiam!

    Looking forward to your story as well. Hope there are minimal repercussions from still-in family and friends

  • IamWhatIam

    @Half banana Most Danish have very negative ideas about JW. For the past 9 years when i was in JW org, i didnt see a single Danish Outsider baptized (All baptized are either imigrations or their son or daugters or relatives whose whole family are JWer). Basically, they cannt get anything here. The only thing they can get is to brain wash their children or to immigrations who know nothing about the cult.

  • IamWhatIam

    @Xanthippe Thank you. I didnt hurt at all. But one of my best friends hurt a lot and unfortunitely he went back again. But he still has so many doubts and different ideas. It is the pressure from his family make him back again. So sad.

  • IamWhatIam

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