Your thoughts on the new Star Wars?

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    While I'm a little wary from the marketing campaign, which I find somewhat offensive and generic, I won't be able to truly judge the film until i see it, or maybe even after the whole sequel trilogy is complete. After all, some complained that Episode 1 didn't have enough 'traditional' story layout and formula, failing to realize it was the first act of the 'movie' that was the prequel trilogy. While I do love the original trilogy, it cant be denied that it was much more disjointed story wise, because some major elements were made up as they went along.
  • Vidiot

    @ Simon and LoveUni...


    That game looks f**king amazing.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Neat Blue Dog,

    It's not a "marketing campaign" to try and make a great movie by putting the story and characters first. Nor is it a "marketing campaign" to intelligently blend practical effects and CGI together so that everything seems real - so that you're not pulled out of the story thinking 'boy that looks fake'.

    The prequels were bad for lots of reason. People don't hate on them because they want to be hipsters. People hate on them because they're just plain bad movies: bad acting, bad dialogue, no clear protagonist, a complete lack of jeopardy during most action sequences, and an absolutely disgusting overuse of deus ex machina to resolve problems - just to name of few.

  • Simon

    There is a reason that the original films started part way through the story - the earlier story was simply weaker. It's not surprising that the movies were too and of course mistakes like Jar Jar didn't help. It's also tough to do a back-story when all the ending is known (and still make it compelling).

    I do think there is a certain amount of hating them because it's fashionable to do so.

    When you watch them all consecutively they aren't that bad. The original 3 movies contain some cringe worthy cheesy moments that people are willing to overlook (because who can say a bad thing about Star Wars?).

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Coded Logic:

    So you bought it too. Seriously, there is such a thing as a marketing campaign to appeal to a certain demographic, and this movie is a prime example of that in so many obvious ways. I'm not saying it's completely a bad thing, but I think its undeniable as well.


    I think you summed it up: there's a double standard when judging the two trilogies.

  • nicolaou
    The original 3 movies contain some cringe worthy cheesy moments that people are willing to overlook (because who can say a bad thing about Star Wars?).

    Ewoks. Little furry dudes should've been spit roasted

  • Clambake

    Its funny when you go back and watch the original three movies like 20 plus years later, you soon realize why Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams never became stars after. Man, the acting is pretty B grade sometimes.

    Man, those movies were fun though.

    We expected more from the newer movies because they had mega budgets, established stars, all ready had a rabid fan base.

    If you are a star wars fan and want to see a funny good movie watch “Fanboys” . Damm that is priceless.

  • Twitch

    Looking forward to the new episode with positive vibe.

    I was 9 yrs old when Stars Wars was released and it blew my mind, naturally. It spawned a new space sci-fi revolution and was quite the cultural phenomenon. It's a timeless piece of cinema and has yet to be topped in the series IMO. The Empire Strikes Back is a close second and easily bests the one with Slave Leia and walking Teddy Bears, lol

    Episodes I-III were ok, coulda been much better.

    JJ will do well with this methinks. He's got good pacing, mixes character dev well and has intensity and flash for the action.

    Also looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront for PS4 being released in 10 days, just in time for winter, lol

  • glenster
    I hope this doesn't cause more than a minor detour from the topic but an even
    greater science fiction memory lapse is indicated at the end of my last post on
    Movies--"Supersonic Saucer," 1956, is where "ET" came from. At one point the
    antagonist with a big tricycle is even implied as trying to kidnap the alien in
    a basket on his handlebars.

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