Your thoughts on the new Star Wars?

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    You know what really grinds my gears? ;)

    It's people saying it's an objective fact that the prequels were bad and then spouting the same lame 'reasons' that they're just parroting from online hipsters.

    But seriously, there's a lot more going on beneath the surface of the prequels, and despite the ridicule of the uninformed, (or those blinded by nostalgia), nothing will change that.

    As for The Force Awakens having the "feel" of the originals, I say hogwash. It has the "feel" of a modern blockbuster with all the trendy editing choices, over emoting and other trappings. It's the marketing campaign that's telling everybody that they're 'going back to the way things were', and a lot of people have actually bought into that.

    Being hipster is something that definitely is new to the Star Wars movies, because Lucas's movies were more about trying new things and taking risks, not moving back to 35mm film and rubber puppets with strings. A lot of it strikes me as cliché, especially the x wings, tie fighters, stormtroopers, Darth vader-like villain, new death star . . . Its more like a Star Wars stereotype than the imaginative originality it used to be.

    Am I excited about it? Are you kidding, I'm thrilled! I'm counting down the days to Episode VII! See, I know how to have fun and enjoy it 😁

    The key is in seeing the movie for what it really is, through the marketing hype.

  • Simon

    I think some of the "feel" comments are based on the effects.

    Apparently the original flickering lighsabers was due to a limitation of the effects at the time and they were more constant in the prequels. Now, they have been able to reproduce the older style effects with new technology which contributes to the feel of the originals.

    Of course the cinematic style will be modern and it will be set in the Star Wars universe so we'll get all the ships and stuff that we're familiar with.

    Incidentally, our kids have the StarWars Battlefront game and it's like controlling a movie - it's brilliant.

  • jookbeard
    looks great, will be a "must see" movie to go to, wonder if Jabba the Hut is back?
  • Simon

    I think he died.

    Were you so distracted by the gold bikini? ;)

    The Hutts were the feudal lords of that one planet weren't they?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP.

    The Force Awakens looks much better than any of the prequels (1999-2005) and seems to capture the feel of the original films.

    I can't wait!

  • Clambake

    I was or am a big Star wars fan but man, I really had no use for the 1999-2005 Star Wars movies.

    The first one was ruined by Jar Jar Binks and those racist jewish puppets.

    The Clone wars was just too science fiction geckish. You really had to know your science fiction shit to enjoy it. I just want mind candy.

    The third one, the acting was just so bad. I couldn’t take it serious.

    I am really hoping for the next ones to be good.

  • Sweetp0985
    Star Wars was one of the movies we were allowed to watch all the time growing up. Can't wait until the new one comes out...the weekend before it comes out I plan on having a Star Wars watch party of all the old movies. Yes I am a Star Wars
  • Londo111
    I'm hopeful and keeping an open mind. The trailers look great!
  • Vidiot

    I'm stoked.

    My kids and I just marathonned Episodes 1 to 6 in prep (mostly because I didn't feel like explaining everything to them as we watched Force Awakens )

    The teasers and trailers have been terrific so far (even though it's definitely different from the classic trilogy), and it "feels" more like Star Wars than the prequels did.

    Seems many pop culture aficionados are right; Star Wars turns out better when other people (besides Lucas) do it.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    our kids have the StarWars Battlefront game and it's like controlling a movie - it's brilliant

    I had Battlefront on PS2 - totally agree.

    There's an indescribable pleasure in playing as Yoda and bouncing around, taking out lots of stormtroopers with that green lightsaber on Dagobah. Or playing as Vader and force-chocking a rebel soldier on the Tantive 4 ship.

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