How does an elder become an elder ?

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  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    first be a sycophant then when appointed as an Elder a phsycopath

  • SamTheGinge

    For me, personally, I've seen both good, and bad elders. I've seen many a good man that have tried to climb the Witness version of the corporate ladder to reach the almighty position of Elder, and quite a few made it I have to say.

    Interestingly for me though was the change in them after they got there. The guy's who would be the first to put their hand in their pocket to buy a round in at the pub were now the ones who would beat you over the head with a stick for staying out past midnight on a Saturday. The same guy who was earning a good wage as a salesman was now the guy telling people not to put secualr work first and to strive for spiritual goals, rather than secular.The guy telling people not watch violent movies, or play violent video games, was the same guy who a week before was telling people how much fun he had playing Grand Theft Auto.

    My Dad is an Elder, and has been for nigh on 25 years, and I saw the change in him almost instantly. The things I used to get away with I no longer could (or should have in the first instance), I had to be whiter than white. I admit that when I was younger I wanted to be like him, but after seeing what it does to people I soon gave that ambition up.

  • Drwho

    All very interesting stuff , thanks to everyone .

    I had a Jw girlfriend who has a problem with her 20 y old daughter, she left home ., has depression and stopped going to meetings, So the Mother asked the elders for advice . The Mother is 51y and I could not believe she was asking advice from a 33 year old " kid " elder in fact I was disgusted

  • stuckinarut2

    Notice the common thread??

    It is ALL about outward appearances!

  • Landy
    The Mother is 51y and I could not believe she was asking advice from a 33 year old " kid " elder in fact I was disgusted

    Not sure what age has to do with it?

  • RubaDub

    How does an elder become an elder ?

    Drwho ...

    Very odd question, IMO.

    In my decades within the Borg, I have never seen an elder become an elder.

    Rub a Dub

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Serve where the need is great or missionary, became an Elder in 3 years. It worked for me in the military, I volunteered to go to Vietnam and within 9 months I went from Private E-1 to Sergeant E-5. You move up fast when you are in the trenches.

  • prologos

    How come? I heard it once summarized: You have to act as an elder. appointment is then only a formality. Once appointed though, the disappointment sets in, as you realize how much wt formality takes over your good intentions. The dilemma? how to deal with all the personal problems that a female mind and heart is so much better equipped to understand and handle.

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