How does an elder become an elder ?

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  • millie210

    Very interesting , thanks all ..
    How is en elder qualified to give advice , to maybe someone who is fading, not attending meetings ?

    He may not be. It is luck of the draw. Elders are poorly trained for their job and there is little standardization of care, as well as little consequence from above no matter what they say or do to the lowly ones in their care.

    It is a poorly managed system that escapes normal societal controls such as training and licensure etc because it is a "religion".

  • schnell

    Giordano's right. It's hilarious that, possibly as an attempt to bridge this gender gap in the congregation, the school was changed so that brothers give demonstration parts too. The best sisters can hope for and even do hope for is to become an elder's wife.

    And what a life, to be an elder's wife.

  • Alostpuppydog

    Elders are the most arrogant mofos in the congregation. They 'literally' believe they are kings on this earth. Not joking by any means whatsoever. They are God, worship them muhahaha. Now I am joking.

    The overseers are even worse. And I can only imagine Bethelites and the GB, oh my days. Never had the opportunity and glad as hell I didn't. 😏

  • schnell

    No, I've had plenty of nice elders and some great overseers. They're usually just misled, and they really want this to be the truth.

    My experience with bethelite special pioneers and "Society men" has been pretty damp. Overworked, out of touch, and it shows.

    I don't see them as all arrogant bastards. Mostly I just see them as dorks.

  • Vidiot
    Drwho - "How does an elder become an elder?"

    This helps:

  • BluesBrother

    The actual internal appointment process is like this ..allowing for changes since my day.

    Before the Circuit overseer's visit to the Cong. the existing B. O E. considers any likely candidates based on F/S record, teaching ability, willingness ,etc. We used to do a consideration of the Bible requirements in 1 Timothy 3 , I guess they still do. Names of anyone suitable is noted and presented to the C/O at his visit . He discusses it and appoints or not as he sees fit (it used to be just a recommendation to the Bethel but now it is done locally.

    The comments above about nepotism and boot licking are often true in my experience . It is after all just a human decision despite their pretence that the Holy Spirit does it

    Qualifications? only what they are as men ... When I was first appointed I had to learn on the job pretty darn quick....

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    How does an elder become an elder? This may help as well:

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  • Landy
    just two things to become : an ass-kisser a perfect yes-man.

    Lots of people on here were elders - would everyone of them fit your description?

    The reality is is that there's good ones and bad ones.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence


    Most elders had to be a** kissers or yes men. That is exactly what the org is looking for. They are not looking for someone who is free spirited or can think for themselves. Even if it was just an act on the part of the perspective elder, there had to be at least a little bit of smooching and head bobbing.

  • JW_Rogue

    Steps to being an Elder:

    1. Go out in service every Saturday morning, work with some Elders let them give you WT advice
    2. Comment at the meetings (helps if it is something that looks like you did extra research)
    3. Volunteer for things no one else wants to do (assembly clean up, magazine counter, picking up literature, accounts)
    4. Buddy up to the circuit overseer

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