Who is attending the 2016 Annual Meeting this Saturday?

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  • LaFrancia
    Rumors :

    -new Member CD,
    -new book for Ministry,
    -new book "Biblical stories"
    -and a change in the Christian life and Ministry
  • LaFrancia

    I can Hope this :

    1 Stop judicial committees

    2 introduce the disassociation of nominees bullies

    3 fewer rules and more freedom of conscience in various fields such as family relationships with disfellowshipped etc.

    4 In congregation we publish the financial report every month. What it must be done by the global and local Bethel.

    5 Stop to local needs in the meetings

    6 Introduction of a fund for the poor brothers

    7 Restore honesty in congregations through ad hoc directives (specific directives)

    8 Introducing the participation of brothers and sisters baptized for at least two years in the choice of appointed elders and ministerial servants

    and more........:-)))

  • careful

    Restore honesty in congregations

    I believe the word "restore" means that there was once honesty present. When was that???

  • stuckinarut2

    What additional types of clothing will ToMo3 denounce??

  • millie210

    I think there will be some experiences (stories) of Jahs direction on the sale of Brooklyn properties,

    They want to reinforce the idea that this sell off and move is spirit directed.

  • ShirleyW

    Every year they hold the same meeting,everyone waits for new info, turns out to be nothing new, but every year the dubs fall for the hype. I remember some friend from Philly came to stay with my mother here in NYC to attend the meeting, they could've stayed home and just heard the gossip

  • smiddy

    Maybe they will own up to the fact they have been" witnessing "about a Catholic GOD Jehovah ,and not the Biblical GOD Yahweh for the past 100 years or so.

  • pale.emperor

    Will we on here get to hear of what's said? Do they broadcast it a week later for the rank and file?

    I was never bothered about it when I was in. My mum got invited to the one were the new bibles were released and bathed in the "elite" status she had upon her return.

    I think they'll eventually release the comic book stories from JW.org as a book to replace My Book Of Bible Stories.

  • ToesUp

    " My mum got invited to the one were the new bibles were released and bathed in the "elite" status she had upon her return."

    Oh yes...they love, love, love to come home from the meeting with new info and let all know that they attended. It makes them feel so special and they are not quiet about it. We have friends who go every year. It is quite the status symbol to come back with new info from the Golden Annual meeting. What a humble people!

  • Absalom

    I will be making my annual trip to the annual meeting. I will be at Warwick this year, I have no idea about cell service up there. I will provide live updates the best I can.

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