Stephen Lett at our assembly today

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  • Tornintwo

    Your associates are like elevator doors, they'll open your eyes, or keep them closed.

    If they open you get to step outside and enjoy freedom, if they stay closed you stay trapped inside that small, narrow elevator with a handful of other trapped weirdos for the rest of your life

  • elderINewton
    Anyone who has been trapped in an elevator can see it's a great illustration. Either they keep you trapped in to control what you see and do and keep you confined, or you escape.
    Thing may go up or down but if that damn thing keeps you in its like what now?
    Man escaping this cult feels the same, as I was once trapped in an elevator for 4 hours. Damn cult was 20 years but thanks for the illustration Lett.
    Just for makemeanunbeleiver Luke 21:8 "Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am he,' and, 'The time is near.' Do not follow them."
    Guess you shouldn't follow them as you wouldn't be following God's direction.
  • Ucantnome

    Another example of elders' faith that we can imitate: elders that have been serving for many decades and they have thought the end would

    have come by now but despite unfufilled expectations they don't give up. How glad those elders will be when the end does come. Can we imitate that expression of faith?

    I understand faith as JW as this and I qoute from the Watchtower September 1st 1969 page 532.

    Jehovah has made many promises of things yet to occur, One may hope that such things will come to pass, but such expression may only be a whimsical wish, not real faith. Faith is more than just an expectation. It is expectation that is assured to such a degree that it is able to support , uphold and guarantee that what is hoped for will become a reality. (italics are in the Watchtower) This is the meaning of hypostasis, a word common in ancient papyrus business documents in reference to guarantees placed on the transactions.

    Commenting on this first verse, chapter eleven, of Hebrews, Marcus Dods says: “Substantially the words [hy.po’sta.sis and e’leg.khos] mean that faith gives to things future, which as yet are only hoped for, all the reality of actual present existence,; and irresistibly convinces us of the reality of things unseen and brings us into their presence.” The Expositor’s Greek Testament, Vol.IV page 352.

    The Elder who brought my parents into JW in the late 50's and was baptised in 1930 and some in his family were remnant many times mentioned that it was 'impossible for him to die of old age' . well he died of old age some years ago.

    The reason I would think that he felt like this was because of his faith. This quote from the Watchtower July 15th 1962 page 425 “Give Us More Faith” would probably support his view
    People talk about their faith in God and quote the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus explained that God feeds the birds and clothes the vegetation and would certainly provide for his people; but still they do not rest easy until their insurance policy is paid and they have money in the bank. This kind of faith is only a veneer not the kind that would move mountains or let a man walk on water,

    In paragraph two it mentions that ‘Thus Christendom prays for God’s kingdom to come, but discounts it by saying it is only a condition of the heart, or if it is real, it will not come in our time’ This I believe is a reference to Luke 17:21 which is mentioned at the end of the study article.

    24 The Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom of God was coming, and he answered them, saying: “The kingdom of God is not coming with striking observableness“ To wait until we see it would be too late; therefore faith is required now to go ahead with the preaching work. But Jesus assures us: “This generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away,” So just as we have confidence in the permanence of the heavens and earth, we can have confidence in the permanence of God’s Word and in the wonderful prospects for future life under his Kingdom rule of righteousness. Luke 17:21; Matt. 24:34,35 (underlining mine)

    24. What assurance for our faith did Jesus give?

    Having faith in the good news is important and the good news is according to the

    Insight on the Scriptures Vol. 2 (Watch Tower 1988) page 987 Under the heading ‘Good News’

    ‘It includes all the truths about which Jesus spoke and the disciples wrote.’and

    and so my fathers family's faith may well have been adversely affected by this brothers good news that he would never die of old age.

  • jookbeard
    same as LisaRose, I'm astounded that this fool still gets the amount of stage time given the amount of times he must have made an ass of himself , the guy is a absolute cretin. The have taken him off their video broadcasts so its clear that he has been noticed how ridiculous he is, that crazy thing it appears he is allowed to make his own outlines for his own talks, I would have walked out after a few minutes.
  • Finkelstein
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Cognitive dissonance... JWs are constantly made to accept two conflicting ideas at the same time. This has always bothered me... Same sentence, and two opposing ideas.

    (2) Humility - Michael and Gabriel. On many occasions the angels could have given their names. Noah asked the angel what is your name. The good angel never gave his name.

    Because of their humility they do not want the honor. They want it to go where it belongs to Jehovah.

    That is a good example to us.

    Maybe we are the ones that study with someone and they want to honor us. But like the angels we want to direct that glory to Jehovah to whom it belongs. Any time someone wants to praise us we want to give that glory to Jehovah

    Wait, he just mentioned Michael and Gabriel??? So, are Michael and Gabriel not "good angels"?

    Don’t give names? How about GB members? Their names? Isn't it always announced who they are, and "give a warm welcome to our dear brother from New York, Governing Body member....? Special pioneers who come from other countries to give convention talks are never just "Brother Soandso"....

    I remember when I was young people saying "Ohhhh.... there is a governing body member here!" What about kids posing with GB members at Bethel????

    I had a friend tell me with glee, "I sat in an actual chair that the wife of GB member "---" sat in!

    (Luke 1:18-19) 18 And Zech·a·ri′ah said to the angel: “How am I to be sure of this? For I am aged and my wife is well along in years.” 19 In reply the angel said to him: “I am Ga′bri·el, who stands near before God, and I was sent forth to speak with you and declare the good news of these things to you.

    (Daniel 8:16) 16 And I began to hear the voice of an earthling man in the midst of the U′lai, and he proceeded to call out and say: “Ga′bri·el, make that one there understand the thing seen.”

    In the WT 2008 Library, Gabriel is mentioned 319 times in the WT, 136 times in books, 72 times in the AW, 34 times in the Insight book, 12 times in brochures and booklets, and 7 times in the Bible.

    (Jude 8-9) . . .. 9 But when Mi′cha‧el the archangel had a difference with the Devil . . . (not just Michael.... but "archangel" Michael)

    "Don't do it, but do it"

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Another 'cognitive whammy'.... "overlapping generations" right?

    What is in Lett's talk?

    They were facing the destruction of the entire Jewish system. Paul wrote to them and this was a period of relative peace. Only four years later the roman armies came and surrounded Jerusalem. That was the signal that Jesus said for the Jews to flee to the mountains. Jesus gave them that warning in 33 CE.

    But here they were 28 years later and no Romans. Only four years later it was going to happen.

    The GB compare Jesus day to our day. Peter heard Jesus tell about Jerusalem's destruciton, so it means there is an "overlapping", and that means it overlaps only with the GB, and that means it could last?? 120 years? What is reality? How long DID that time period last with Peter and the other apostles? REALLY? THEY did not have "overlapping" anything..

    But here they were 28 years later and no Romans. Only four years later it was going to happen.

  • brandnew

    BAD ASSOCIATIONS.....about 20 years ago i was in southern california selling very large quantities of drugs to many so called "bad people".

    A very prominent hells angel friend of mine saw how deep in the game i was getting, and asked me to accompany him on a bike ride to talk. He knew my kids were very young, and knew my path would end me up in prison. He inspired me to stop selling drugs , and to go offshore and be the crane opperating man i am today. My kids look up to me.

    The friend of mine was condsidered a murderer, extortioner, and an enforcer. That man is dead now.

    My point? Nobody , nobody should EVER!!! judge another imperfect person. We are all imperfect, and in my case.....someone considered the worst of the worst, gave me the best counsel i have ever gotten. Unlike the bullshit counsel given at a damn kh, or assembly by them gb goons.

    Mad Puppy

  • OneFingerSalute

    On many occasions the angels could have given their names. Noah asked the angel what is your name. The good angel never gave his name. Because of their humility they do not want the honor.

    Because of humility perfect heavenly angels who are in the presence of God Himself and Jesus do not give their names or accept worship it is said. Contrast that with the way the governing body, their "helpers" and any other hangers on put their mugs out there on governing body TV and at assemblies. Wanting to be seen by men. Wanting their names memorized. Wanting the front seats in the synagogues.

  • brandnew
    Mesmerized by the a bunch of damn deer about to get ran over at night 😨😨😨😨

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