International convention Utrecht this weekend

by Gorbatchov 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gorbatchov

    The disfellowing was a small part, Jackson told please come back to the organization, whatever happened, because your Father loves you.

    Then he told witness do not have to believe in people, in the organization but only in their Father.

    "If you made 1000 sins, it doesn't mather, please come back".


  • LV101

    Maybe they've decided to appreciate the numbers game - numbers = shekels. This lovefest convention is different - quite a contrast from hearing (elder nonsense) decade ago (I'd been long gone for years) how people wanted to be told (needed a dictator and clueless he was clergy class in one of the top cults of despot leaders) what to do when I mentioned the great growth of the Pentecostals around the world -- like he knew anything about the group or was an expert on the sect.

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