International convention Utrecht this weekend

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  • Gorbatchov


    In an earlier posting Gorby wrote about attending the international convention in Utrecht this weekend, to keep the family happy and make some observations.

    Guests were GB member Jackson and his assistent Van der Zande, a Dutch helper of the GB.

    42.000+ attenders and +/- 250 baptisers.

    The convention theme about "Love" was not bad at all, from a Christian viewpoint.

    Jackson and Van der Zande made a good presentation with humor.

    The colorfull witness from arround the word were nice and nice to see.

    Typical witness doctrine about 1914, King of the North, being obient when your kingdom hall will be sold etcetera were hard to listen to.

    But the love theme was not bad, and sometimes oké.

    I see a transformation to an evangelical kind of TV church.

    Ifthe typical JW doctrine about years, endtime, education, blood and Armageddon would be downplayed, Gorby could see some positive side of JW-ism.

    Mainpoint is that JW try to show love but on a forced base, because they are told to do so.

    But, not a bad convention, and a good, humble part of Jackson and Van der Zande, did not expect this.

    I write some positive because it is, what it is.

    See your opinion.


  • George One Time
    George One Time

    Good to know I wasn't the only one there for family reasons.

    Sitting there I feel like I read a completly different Bible.

    Like David treating Saul so well, even though Saul killed Jehovah's priests. Even making a song in honour for him after his dead. Compare that to the love shown today for disfellowshipped ones...

    And all the emotions during the final song at the convention...

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    I'm happy you survived and focused on the positive. Also good for you to speak that part here.

    It's my opinion that about half of what JW say, believe and do is uplifting, positive, inspiring, and generally good.

    The other half of what they say, believe, and do however......

  • fulano


    Are you sure about Van de Zande and not van Selm? I met Herman van Selm in private a couple of times, he was an assistent to the WD. Dutch missionary reassigned from brasil to Brooklyn. His wife called Kay.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    If the typical JW doctrine about years, endtime, education, blood and Armageddon would be downplayed, Gorby could see some positive side of JW-ism.

    There is usually some beneficial aspect to following a plan or set of well defined guidelines and being answerable to others, whether it's in a religion or a social group of some kind.

    I've often said that rather than intervening in peoples personal relationship with God and Policing the congregation members, those who are taking the lead in the JW organization should stick to saying what they have to say from the platform, teaching their understanding of the Bible and God's will, advising people who ask for advice and simply let people apply what they are learning, in their own lives as they see fit.

    Any number of injustices and serious consequences can and do take place when unlettered and ordinary men start dishing out discipline and dealing with matters that even highly trained professionals have difficulty with.

  • waton

    gorby, utrecht? du hast utterly recht.

  • nowwhat?

    If you're going to have a 2hr symposium on love wouldn't Jesus have been a better example than David?

  • zeb


    agreed. but to follow the Christ is not to follow all the dusty Pharisaical rules. and they did like going on about Davids adultery.. If it were revealed he had child sex slaves would they be so keen on him then.?

    So it sounds like they are trying to reinvent themselves. or if I can put it another way they are repainting the deck of the Titanic. The law suits will continue and become and more folks will leave as the changes suddenly declare hypocrisy as what was rigid doctrine is shown by their 'new-light' to have never been worth a consideration.

  • LV101

    Interesting - I just read APOSNT's review of the convention he attended and something seems strange.

  • Gorbatchov


    Yes his name was Van der Selm, and not Van der Zande. My mistake!


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