Anyone have an obvious gay or lesbian in the congregation?

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  • mickbobcat

    I have seen several. When I was a kid we had a KH with a basement and this guy Joe Winestien lived in it. He has passed away I believe. He was about 24 and used to hang around the young boys. My mother told me to watch him that he was Homosexual. Many of the other sisters said my mother was nuts. He ended up leaving his wife and running off with a man.

    I had a guy a bit younger than myself who would do things like sit in the back waiting to go in service, He would sit Knitting with his granny glasses and legs crossed like a woman. He was very effeminate. I called him out on it as I was about to leave the hall, not in a mean way but just as a its kind of obvious. He would not deny it and walked away.

    The most strange one I have seen were two older sisters, who are either in a home or dead, this was back in the 80s. These two sisters the rest of the cult members would say Pat and Alice are just like a married couple, Alice's is on SS and Pat works and they live in the same home. I was working Floor covering at the time and did their trailer. It was an old travel trailer with a few add on's I had to do the kitchen and this was a very old trailer, it had the old mahogany paneling. I had to move things from the kitchen and to the bedroom which was the old trailer bedroom. There was only one bed and it was not very big. Alice was like an older grandma type, Pat was very butch. She would wear short hair, and the Col, Klebb's from James bond type dress. The old comfortable shoes and same on the dresses. It was obvious they were gay. I had done work for some gays in the town and they knew Pat and Alice and knew they were gay.

    I asked my GF who was an elder at the time about it and he said Alices aunt is a lesbian and just making up nasty stories. As per usual the JW cult circles the wagon when anyone attack a cult member.

  • Biahi

    We had a married couple in the congregation, they had a grown daughter who lived with them. She never married, was always on the “fringes” of the congregation. She wasn’t baptized, and mostly attended the memorial, and maybe a few “special talks “. The word was, she was a lesbian. Never proved, though.

  • Rivergang

    In one congregation I was with, their was a prominent pioneer “couple” - except both were female.

    I would give them the benefit of the doubt as regards any sexual relationship, but in just about every other way, their relationship was openly lesbian. This was particularly noticeable when a young, good looking brother began paying court to the “female” partner of this pair (herself a very good looking young woman).

    Did Butch chase him off in short order!

  • Simon

    We had a guy in our hall that was very effeminate, and thinking back it was a shame because he wasn't included in things as far as I can remember and I think he ended up committing suicide. I've never understood why people torture themselves joining a group that condemns who they are.

    So sad.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I can get past the fact that your girlfriend was an elder.

  • Jeffro


    I asked my GF who was an elder at the time


  • Diogenesister

    N. B. Dog esq. Hmmm....was thinking same. Some progressive congregations over your way Mick🤣

  • carla

    "I asked my GF who was an elder at the time..."- What?!

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    GF misapplied to grandfather obviously but hey it's funny

  • LV101

    Ahh, GF stands for 'grandfather' - appreciate the info, nbd. It's funny!!

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