What kind of toppings do you like on a Pizza?

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  • jp1692
    Londo: I grew up eating [PizzaHut] because that's what my parents got, but like the religion they raised me in, I didn't know anything else.

    OMG, Londo! That is definitely child abuse. You poor soul. No wonder you're so messed up. I recommend intensive therapy ... after you meet your diet goals of course!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Anchovy, onion and olives. . . . although a really well-made plain pie is just the best.

    OMG, Londo! That [Pizza Hut] is definitely child abuse. -- jp1692

    This is 100% true.

  • Magnum

    sir82: "Farkel is spinning in his grave...."

    Yeah, I think so. Poor thing.

  • berrygerry
  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    When I was in the Navy the best pizza ever was a place called Napoli Pizza on Tennessee in Vallejo, California very near the main gate to the Naval Station. Their pizzas were hand spun in the old way and included a generous amount of olive oil which added some nice flavor. Not truly Sicilian but kinda/sorta. I still have dreams about how great their pizza was back in '70-'71. Anyone out there know the place?

  • Londo111

    Today the Little Caesars chain is another bottom of the barrel quality (along with Pizza Hut, Dominoes, ect).

    But I remember when they first opened in my area when I was in my teens, they served this Sicilian style pizza with fresh tasting ingredients. I'd never had anything besides Pizza Hut and it was mindblowing.

    Of course, over the years, Little Caesars eschewed quality for quick and cheap.

  • Bugbear

    Everything and E X T R A


    It`s Not Pizza.

    It`s Nyotaimori...

    Image result for Nyotaimori

    Image result for Nyotaimori

    Image result for Nyotaimori

  • Ucantnome

    spicy pork/beef and green peppers

  • RubaDub

    Chicken, onion and sweetcorn

    Slimboyfat ....

    Can someone explain to me exactly what sweetcorn is (this ex-yankee).

    Is it corn or the cob with sugar, corn out of a can with sugar, molasses or something else?

    I hear a lot of people from the South (USA) mention sweetcorn but I am not sure if I have ever had it (sort of like my introduction to grits).

    Rub a Dub

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