The Wisdom of The Elders

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  • zeb

    we had a business deal go bottom up. The elders advised me and the other bro to

    • be spiritual
    • do our field service

    Later when the bro came into money i sought to get him to another meeting and guess what no minutes could be found, and one elder then tells me that it was not a real committee meeting.

    I never trusted any bro with one cent after that. Nor did i trust any matter to any elder either.

  • tiki

    I have known some elders who were very nice good men....also have known some rank hypocrites, morons, nepotistic, self-aggrandizing ones. The problem is they are given a role 99% are ill-equipped for. Dealing with mental and emotional health issues should be left to trained professionals. Likewise family, marriage problems. They should stick to the doctrinal rhetoric and leave it at that. And a complete understanding and working knowledge of proper grammar, along with a decent vocabulary should be a requirement for anyone on the platform instructing the congregated ones.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    There is one thing that many elders had and that I would qualify as "wisdom": Learning not to be impulsive.

    Many people, including me, can purchase things on a whim, sign contracts, change jobs, move, etc. Take big decisions without truly meditating on it. That is, considering why you want to take this change, the impact on your life and how it will help you achieve your goals, etc. This is certainly a wise thing to do and strongly promoted inside the JWs.

    Where their wisdom is discredited however is that the only form of acceptable meditation is one that leads to the glorification of the WT corporation.

  • WingCommander


    I wouldn't trust those assholes to guard a paper bag filled with dog shit, much less seek them out for advice!

    What a laugh riot!

  • minimus

    Telling you to go out in service when you’re depressed, sickly, having marital problems, and suicidal, is not wisdom or understanding. So many elders are programmed to be dense. They just don’t get it!

  • blondie

    I always imagine this:

    At Armageddon when Jesus, appointed to judge those on earth, asks me why I did something that now is going to require my execution forever, and I answer the elders told me to do it:

    Jesus will say, "Did I say that the jews should follow the commands of their religious leaders? No, I said that they were making the word of God invalid because of their doctrines and that they were subject to Gehenna, and that they were blind guides and leading their followers into the ditch where the religious leaders were headed.

    So you can't blame the elders for following them into the ditch?"

    I used this "reasoning" with elders who tried to push theirs or others consciences on me. That in the end I had to answer to God and Jesus. And since they admit they are only imperfect men, that I will add their comments to my other research using the bible, and then I would make my decision. I wouldn't want to face my heavenly judge and say, "the elders told me to do it." I would rather anger the elders, than God and Jesus.

  • blondie
  • eyeuse2badub

    Whiz-dumb of the elders, did you say? Yes they have whiz-dumb from above!

    just saying!

  • smiddy3

    That`s very telling blondie. If it was/is a policy , that should be brought to the attention of law enforcement authorities and politicians I believe .

    Isnt it unethical ? immoral ? to become aware of crimes committed by an individual and not report it ?

    Wouldn`t that make you complicit in the crime ?

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