Dating question from a bible student

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Welcome aboard BibleStudent1

    You have recieved excellent advice thus far.

    Jesus warned us to beware of false teachers. Beware involves examination and research before being influenced by.

    Please do tell your Bible Study leaders that you are going to take a month or two off to do some independent research on Jehovah's Witnesses before you take up studies with them again. They won't like this and discourage you from learning anything apart from their organization and literature. Tell them you are determined to do this research and that settles it. Don't submit to their pressure tactics including warnings in their attempt to dissuade you.

    Before you buy a major appliance or a new car, you don't just trust the manufacturer. You get facts from consumer reports and reviews.

    I believe the Lord led you to this site so you could be warned of the dangers involved with associating with this high control religion.

    Take care my friend.


  • fastJehu

    @ Biblestudent1

    Are you shure, that you get a BIBLE study?

    Or do they study a book named "What does the bible really teach" with you?

    If you want a good study into this book, please read this:


  • dozy

    I'm guessing she has been warned by the elders or by her parents / friends not to get too close. Dating should always be done in a group setting & it is wrong for a JW to date an "unbeliever" ( though in practice , as JW females greatly outnumber JW males , it does go on. )

    Do you like this girl? You do realise there is no sex before marriage etc. Even "heavy petting" isn't allowed ( officially ). And there should always be a chaperone around ( though in practice again , many courting couples don't always follow the rules. )

    Take great care in getting too involved with this religion. It is a cult. And essentially a global MLM style business that you will be working for ( without pay. ) that allows Governing Body members to blow $1000 on booze. Please do your homework ( on , for example. ) You are in the early stages - getting love bombed etc.

  • zeb

    Take this into the future and you get married..

    then come a whole lot of admonitions about how to live your life and what you can and cant do in your bedroom..

    which may change from time to time as so much of what wt teaches.

  • ohnightdivine

    As someone who was also a "Bible student before eventually getting "baptized" in a pool many years ago, please.... run away.

    Almost all JWs who "conduct Bible studies" are very nice because they want to recruit people. That's it. Some are kind and well-intentioned. But once you become a JW yourself, you will feel suffocated.

  • TD

    In line with what some of the others have said, this is an area where men as a group are extremely stupid. Do your research. Do not commit to this religion to become more, "likeable."

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