New KHs Still Being Built!

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  • blondie

    Flin Flon, CA

    According to statistics supplied by Jehovah’s Witnesses Canada, about 85 Jehovah’s Witnesses live in Flin Flon, with around 100 people coming to each of the group’s biweekly meetings.

    “We needed a new hall because the congregation has outgrown the old hall,” said congregation elder Kelly Flodell in a press release.

  • nowwhat?

    True but from all the Intel that has come in the last couple years it looks like for every new hall being built, they have sold off at least 10. That's my rough guessimate

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    a new KH in Flin Flon ? is that in Bum Fluff county ? is there anything else there for folks to do ?

  • LV101

    The beginning of their new real estate MO empire. I couldn't believe they'd built a new one here (new fast food style) when it seems there's fewer congregations. They've got the real estate market down.

  • The Fall Guy
  • waton
    Rural location by the looks of it.

    TFG. thank you for posting that. Very strange case, located right near a stark church, that has the high exposer corner lot at he highway, K Hall now hidden behind trees, and if the picture in the OP is correct, being replaced by a structure with a high pitch, low snow-load roof.

    PS Corners with stop signs on rural highways in western Canada very dangerous. Broncos RIP.


  • dozy
    About 85 Jehovah’s Witnesses live in Flin Flon, with around 100 people coming to each of the group’s biweekly meetings.

    Is it just me , or does that figure sound suspiciously high. Usually attendances are about 70% - 80% of publishers , so a congregation that has 85 publishers would normally have perhaps 70 or so in attendance.

    Are they talking about 85 baptised JWs ( ie excluding kids who are publishers but not baptised , the (very few ) unbaptised publishers who are studying etc )?

  • waton
    buidingswith the new hall being built on the site of the former church. B

    Actually a pre-Armageddon drama, "Babylon the Great" and the Watch-Tower going down side by side.

    The Fall Guy, thanks for posting the old street view. ---Here is pro waton's cobbled together story, after having re-read Blondie's quoted article.<

    1) Wt buys corner lot with funky scissor truss church, now owns 2 lots there. demolishes that BaThGr. relic, and

    2) is now building new hall on appreciating cool corner high value double lot. (climate refugees will flock to cool western Canada).

    It is purely a real estate improvement move. Wt tries to buy corner lots, like Trump did, corner the market

    Your world wide contribution $$$ at work. Armageddon will happen just around that corner. corny enough?

  • newsheep

    Hard to believe they needed a new hall but yes there are about a hundred that goes there. It was a very small hall and in really good condition We went there the one year with some friends who we had worked with at the bethel farm in Ontario. Kelly Flodell is the cobe there and his dad and mom (Lloyd and Vivian) are at the bethel permanently in Georgetown, On. The parents came from Saskatchewan and were so nice to us. For many years they were farm managers at the bethel farm just outside of Georgetown, On. It was Lloyd who couldn't figure out why bethel did things the way they did but you would always here him say we have to follow direction. Kelly's sister, Wendy is married to Larry Ericson who was the meanest circuit overseer you would want to meet.

    It was Kelly who had taken Mark Sanderson aside when he was really really young and told him he better know what he is doing partaking of the emblems. That Mark wasn't even an MS yet and in his late teens partaking of the emblems. Heard this story over and over from Kelly. Kelly must have slowed down with his business ( Accord Restoration in Creighton, Saskatchewan) if he's there helping build his hall. His business always had him flown all over cleaning up disaster or cleaning up the mines. He was hardly at his meetings. He was no rinky dink business. He got paid extremely well and did very well in life.

    Kelly also had come in second place in the prairies or Canada not sure for arm wrestling as well. There is nothing in Flin FLon. An old precious metal mine shut down for good due to cancer causing agents that were found in the air as well as in food and on peoples clothes.

    The brothers and sisters were really nice as well as fun times to be had with lots of fishing and snowmobiling. Their door to door took them to the reserves which Kelly liked since you would have to drive four hours and spend little time there and then come home. I remember Kelly telling us that when he would go out there he would first check to see if they were drunk and if so then they would move on to someone else. Out of all those years of preaching there was only one woman and child they had found that was interested. But Kelly told us it was too far for them to carry on a study with so they had to leave it up to Jehovah to help her. I thought then why go out there just to get her hopes up high and leave her hanging. Obviously Kelly didn't have enough faith in what he had said or else he would have thought Jehovah was using him to get to this woman.

    It was Kelly's dad whom we had gone to and explained what the elders were doing at the hall and how they were trying to get rid of us to shut us up by dfing us but had nothing on us. Nevertheless, Lloyd watched it all play out as to what we were telling him and couldn't help us. Even though he actually drove an hour out of his way to try and help us get to our meetings again that's all he cared about. Once we were kicked out we saw a totally different man in him. Lloyd was like a teddy bear to all but once we left we saw him at a funeral shortly after and he had turned into this horrible ugly personality with the dirty looks yet out in the parking lot his wife Vivian had given was hugging my df'd spouse feeling real bad as to what had happened to us. I hope one day they will wake up, such a sweet couple.

  • RubaDub

    The only thing I know about Flin Flon is that Bobby Clarke is from there.

    Rub a Dub

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