My Lawyers Letter To The Elders

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  • pale.emperor

    For those of you that asked, below is a copy of my solicitors letter to the elders in my old congregation. He sent a similar one directly to Bethel and a medical directive to my daughters GP to go on her medical records that I have already given permission for her to have a blood transfusion should she need one:

  • xjwsrock

    Nice! Love it. Good for you.

    These idiots only have power in their imagination and in their stupid bubble. This was demonstrated profoundly during the Australian Royal Commission. I loved watching legal reality slap Jackson on the ass.

  • sir82

    That ought to put the "fear of God" into 'em!

    It's always satisfying when nitwit elders are forced to confront real life, and (finally) understand how impotent they really are.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Just well done PE! JWs have a hard job recognizing which authority they come under and you have shown them which one it is.

    Perhaps more importantly you have shown your daughter's mother where you stand on the important things in your daughter's life.

  • pale.emperor

    Regarding the LEARN FROM THE GREAT TEACHER book, page 242, I just had to show him what i was talking about. He snatched the book from my hand and asked "is this a CHILDRENS book?!!". I said yes and he called in one of his colleges. She was appalled.

    Jesus slaughtering men, women and children for not being Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • xjwsrock

    That pic is unbelievable. How did i ever think this kind of thing was ok? Scary.

  • nicolaou

    Love your proactive approach pale.emperor! Your daughter is lucky to have a Dad like you in her corner.

  • Giordano

    So that's the kind and gentle Jesus firing arrows at men, women and children? And what looks like a Mongol hoard also on horse back. Horse's in the sky? Are those flaming horse turds??

    XXX playing in the movie theater, a billboard of a 1940's mystery. A sign for a lounge with a martini glass complete with an olive............. toppling over. Now they have gone too far!!!!!!!

  • sir82

    I've seen that picture a hundred times and just now noticed the guy in the lower right, wearing a necktie and a Bethel haircut.

    The girls look like they've been out clubbing.

    I wonder if that was a subtle hint to the Brooklyn Bethel boys: "Don't go out to the clubs with worldly girls, or maybe Jesus will aim a flaming hailstone at your head, too".

  • freddo

    Errr ... your solicitor has written "and" instead of "any" in paragraph 6 line two ... damn spellcheck doesn't pick up alternative but real words!

    Unbaptised kids don't have Advance Medical Directives. They have "Identity Cards" expressing the parents' wishes. Your lawyer hasn't specifically said your daughter mustn't have one. Cover those loopholes!

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