What changes would JW.org need to make to become a normal Christian denomination.

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    First the Governing Body would have to relinquish their blatantly unrighteous dominion. The ancient apostles never attempted to exert that much control. They tended to teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves. In a perfect society, there would be no reason for laws. That's why it's ridiculous to think there would be a need for a heavenly ruling class to lord it up over the Earth Dwellers. What are they going to do, have mandatory meetings on Paradise Earth?

    Freedom in discussing the Bible and its meaning rather than forced interpretations, attending other churches -- any relinquishing of power, intimidation and force. Leave people alone and let people live their lives and be happy.

    That's what I'd recommend.

  • baker

    Admit that 1914 was wrong and stop using the wrong name for god. Change the 10 commandments to the 10 suggestions.

  • Vidiot

    If they implemented progressive reforms at this point, they'd no longer be "Jehovah's Witnesses".

  • UnshackleTheChains
    If they implemented progressive reforms at this point, they'd no longer be "Jehovah's Witnesses".

    Hence "Jehovahs Witnesses" will always be labeled a cult!!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Jettison 1918 and 1919 and everything would eventually fall into a place of normalcy

  • punkofnice
    What changes would JW.org need to make to become a normal Christian denomination?

    They can't ever do this. They're too far over into the nutty field to ever come back.

    The only changes would be that the GB realise they could make more money. If they found a way to change and make more money, you'd see so much 'new light(tm)', you'd think the sun had exploded.

    There's more chance of seeing the Loch Ness monster than seeing the jobos become normal.

  • tor1500


    Mind their business. And preach the word. And when the Holy Spirit tells them what the scriptures really say....listen and stop trying to sound smarter than other religions and tell the friends the real truth. Not mans truth.

    Stop controlling and preach the word and leave the end to the one who knows. (Again if this is all true).


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    For me, they need to apologize for the child abuse that has taken place all these years. Stop the kangaroo courts system with the two witness rule and the way they side with evil ones in the congregation and start protecting the innocent ones. That would be a big step forward. Stop having the attitude you cannot trust the flock to do the right thing. My 2 cents worth. Still Totally ADD

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    • Stop the practice of shunning.
    • Allow blood transfusions.
    • Stop discouraging higher education.
    • Stop expelling people for "sins" not mentioned in the Bible.
    • Stop the gratuitous use of coercive persuasion techniques.
    • Stop encouraging worshipful blind loyalty and obedience to the organization and its Governing Body.
  • eyeuse2badub

    How about really applying the verse at James 1:27

    27 The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation,

    Take care of the widows and orphans

    just saying!

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