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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree Tiki, it's a religion driven by emotional spin and dreams. There are many suffering JWs with all sorts of conditions mental and physical who hold on with grim determination to their promises of hope for relief from their disability. The JW promise is as the Irish used to say; a fairy gift fading away, never to be realised.

    The greater tragedy for disabled people is that to wake up and lose the hope could be worse than having no hope at all.

    Yet "waking up" for any JW has a big price to pay emotionally.

  • Dagney

    So yesterday I flew back into LAX and was down in baggage claim retrieving my bag. I was rushing to get out to schedule an Uber when I had to return to the baggage claim area and take an escalator up to the departure area, where the Uber drivers pick up their fares.

    And there they were. Along the wall, with the trolley, each hold more mags, chatting to each other were two "sisters." At first I was like "oh wow you are here" when I saw them. I stopped in front of them for some reason, they continued to chat about some "sister..." They didn't bother to acknowledge me so I hurried on. I had to get to work.

    #1 I really need to work up something to say to them. Something short and sweet just to say something.

    #2 Oh my goodness...what an odd place to stand. Just along a wall in a busy Southwest baggage claim area. I just can't even believe anybody would stop to talk with them there. Maybe that was the plan...

    Odd times.

  • EverApostate

    We had a quadriplegic man in our New Jersey congregation. And he had cancer too. All his muscles were incapacitated. He cant even swat a fly that disturbs him. We used to carry him to FS and wheel him all along the territory.

    Most of the congregation members would avoid him, to escape the burden of serving him. Many a times I used to wonder why the Big J won't cure him. Now I realize, there is nothing such.

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