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  • Athanasius

    The J Ws have set up a literature trolley in one of our local shopping centers. Since the Goodwill thrift store at the center has an excellent selection of second hand books, I stop by twice a month and buy a book or two that catches my interest. As a result I've become friendly with the J Ws who mind the trolley.

    Usually the minders are two 70 something J W ladies. But this time they were joined by a quadriplegic man, who looked to be in his late 60s. He was laid back in a special wheel chair with a directional lever that he could operate with his chin.

    When I stopped by to say hello, I asked them: “How's business?”

    To which one of the ladies replied: “Slow.”

    Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do any un-witnessing. So when they reminded me that the literature was free, I took the Watchtower and Awake leaflets to look over and ask questions about the next time I would stop by.

    But as I walked to my truck, I wondered who would get credit for the two leaflet placements since there were three J Ws minding the trolley?

    I also thought it interesting that now not even a quadriplegic JW can escape Watchtower service. No doubt at their next convention this poor guy will be wheeled out on stage to give his experience about how even with his disability he was able to distribute Watchtower propaganda to the public.

  • StarryNight9
    One of the latest videos is horrid. It parades out a woman born with major birth defects (limbs/spine) to guilt trip people into doing more. I'd love to point out that she probably doesn't have to work a 40-hour job. She's free to spend her time as she pleases. I'd hazard a guess that the whole thing is probably a social experience rather than a desire to preach. It's not applicable to most people's lives.
  • zeb

    There was a severly handicapped man who was out with his parents (uber) and the sight of him staggering along was a picture of tragedy. They probably thought it was a wonder.

  • ShirleyW

    Theres' a guy I see quite often who has two crutches, have the elbow rest on them (just perfect for when you're standing like a statue getting those hours in) in a certain area in Manhattan, he must be a pioneer, I even stopped and talked to him a few years ago and said that you think you're doing this for Jehovah but you're out here just for 7 old guys in Brooklyn. Last time I saw him was a week or so ago on a rainy day, he was in the station, I could tell that his shirt was wet from the rain, and he stands there with his illness holding the rags on crutches. I don't even understand how he gets up and down the steps because this station doesn't have an elevator.

  • Phizzy

    I have seen a youngish " Sister" , in her thirties, who is not the full shilling sitting next to a cart, with an older lady who presumably could string a sentence together.

    The poor young girl will get to be counted as an "active" JW, yet she would not be capable of speaking at a person's front door.

    It makes the JW's feel as though they are doing something, and keeps the numbers of "active" ones up, the Org will clutch at any straw to do that !

  • steve2

    JWs love to milk the fact that infirm Witnesses preach - they probably count on a more favorable response from non-JWs because of the "pity" factor (people feel sorry for the disabled and/or infirm JW).

  • jookbeard

    there is a lady who works the cart in my town clinically obese, sits there all morning a heart attack waiting to happen, she is a truly vile person also in the only interaction I've had with her.

  • Xanthippe

    Oh my goodness this religion is just a sad parade of physically and mentally disabled people. I don't know what to say, I feel so sorry for these poor individuals but seriously is this all they have left to man the trolleys?

  • scratchme1010

    I also thought it interesting that now not even a quadriplegic JW can escape Watchtower service.

    Worst treatment for a human being.

    One of the latest videos is horrid. It parades out a woman born with major birth defects (limbs/spine) to guilt trip people into doing more.

    What! That's just horrid as you said.

  • tiki

    So sad....these poor people are probably desperate for relief from their tragic circumstances and the religion inveigles them with empty promises of mounting up leaping like the stag....and so they fall victim to public humiliation. It is pathetic that the religion fosters such abuse of innocent victims of genetics or accidents.

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