Did anyone else go to this weeks midweek meeting?

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  • steve2

    By its own emotive reasoning, the GB stops Witnesses from making up their own minds about the error-laden 100-plus year-history of official Watchtower predictions - and still expects them to submit to its authority.

    The GB simultaneously positively reframes the errors and locks the flock into mindless submission just as surely as the leaders of the churches of Christendom do to their respective flocks.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    Phizzy 8 hours ago

    This "study"commences with a fallacy/lie: " Just as Jehovah progressively revealed truths about the Kingdom in the period leading up to 1914,"

    How much of what the WT taught leading up to 1914 is accepted today ? and how much was truth ?

    Once the Audience swallows that first bit of mind control, never having thought about the two questions above, they are ripe for being led by the nose straight to the Contribution box.

    Poor, unthinking/ non-thinking saps.

    Nailed it :)

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    What's the point of a prophecy if it can be changed after the events it describes happens? Why bother speculating at all?

  • smiddy

    I have to agree with other posters that Phizzy got it right in his assesment.as quoted in previous posts .

    How much of what the WT/JW/IBSA,taught,leading up to 1914 is accepted today?and how much was truth ?

    This study commences with a fallacy lie ? "Just as Jehovah progressively revealed truths about the kingdom in the period leading up to 1914 "

    John Doe, Whats the point of a prophecy if it can be changed after the events it describes happens ?

    If you have to interpret a prophecy after the event has occured then obviously its no prophecy ,A prophecy should be able to fortell an event before it happens , if it fails to do so its no prophecy.

    IBAS/JW/ have made numerous false prophecys in their 100+ years of claiming to be Gods only channell of communication with his chosen people.,Jehovahs Witnesses,

    The fact that they have had to modify their beliefs ,doctrines,evidences,expectations ,flip-flops, complete turn arounds as in Rom.13:1 ,check out C.T.Russell , Rutherford , and nathan h Knorr , the 1800`s the 1920`s and

    the 1963`s , where this doctrine went from accepting the Superiour authorities were in fact the Governments ,

    in the 1800`s to J.F.Rutherford changing that doctrine to saying that the Superiour Authorities were in fact Jehovah & Jesus which the sripture in question clearly shows to be wrong.

    Decades later in the early 1960`s the WT magazine goes full circle and states the scripture of Rom.13:1 is not jehovah & Christ Jesus , but the governmental powers that be

    SO its true the GB are not inspired and they are not infallible. they make mistakes .

    So why would anybody in their right mind put a life and death situation in the hands of these people.

  • BluesBrother

    So the truth is progressive and changeable... How does that sit with Losch's broadcast saying that truth is definite , clear and consistent ?

    What they mean, and is clear to see is that they keep making mess-ups. OK, they are only human. But why demand unquestioning acceptance of all they say? That is just arrogance .

    When God had things he did not want to reveal yet , as in the case of Daniel's prophecy, did he want, or allow Daniel to go away and have a stab at it? Making his best guess?

    No, he clearly told him that it was for the future, not his to know. That is the reasonable, Godly way of doing it , not stumble in the dark like the WTS did and still do.

  • JW_Rogue
    “It seems to be a safe rule to follow, that prophecy can not be understood by us until it is fulfilled or in the course of fulfillment.” Now that we are deep into the time of the end, many Kingdom prophecies have been and are being fulfilled. Because God’s people are humble and willing to be corrected, Jehovah has allowed our understanding of his purpose to become more complete. True knowledge has become abundant!

    I guess I wasted 5 years of my life studying "The Revelation" book and "Daniel's Prophecy", thanks for admitting it was all BS.

  • blondie

    1927 Prophecy can not be understood until it has been fulfilled or is in the course of fulfillment. From 1874 to 1914 the prophecy concerning the Lord's coming was being fulfilled and could be understood, and was understood, by those who were faithful to the Lord and who were watching the development of events, but not by others. (Creation; 1927; p. 290)

    Watchtower 1952 April 15 p.253 Aids for Understanding Prophecy

    19 When may prophecies be understood? The Lord said to Daniel, "O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end." (Dan. 12:4, AS) This indicates that the further fulfillments of the prophecies are sealed until the physical facts appear that begin to fulfill them. So the rule seems to be reasonable and certain that prophecies cannot be understood until they are in the course of fulfillment or until they have been fulfilled

    1975 this marked the beginning of a period of education in the written Word of God from the standpoint that Bible prophecy is best understood after it has been fulfilled. So there needed to be a correction of our previous views, and the surviving remnant of spiritual Israel needed to be readjusted to the postwar realities and opportunities. ... This revised program of Bible education had a profound effect on the remnant. It oriented their work in the right direction. (Man's Salvation Out Of World Distress At Hand; 1975; p. 191)

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