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  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    None of the brothers and sisters in Indonesia were hurt or lost in the recent disaster, according to one of the friends who added "we were all praying for them as soon as we heard it on the news, as you do."

    And what about the rest of the population? I know its nothing new in their attitude to the world outside in general, but it makes me so angry!

    Thanks for letting me rant, I just needed to vent about it somewhere safe from criticism.

  • Crazyguy

    But about in 2004 the big one and what about the 45+ killed in the Philippines from the cyclone a few years ago when three KHs were destroyed?

  • blondie

    That bothered me too; I would always quietly speak up with concern in my voice "I pray for all the people to be safe, not just witnesses. Seems the way Jesus would have felt."

  • Biahi

    Don't you know, Blondie, that all those "Worldlies" don't matter? And besides, if they die now, they'll get a resurrection into Gods New System! Joy!

  • steve2

    To speak the way a JW does requires a large dose of self-centredness (aka narcissism ) along with big empathy deficits.

    If you can wax positively about your group being special enough to be kept alive while untold numbers of others around you perished, you have the required mentality to be a successful JW. To think I once thought this way. Ugh!

  • kramer

    If you had heard of a major disaster and knew your family was in the area, would you feel more concerned about your family , or the population at large? Jws feel close to people in their religion , so they would focus on them, this doesn’t mean they don’t care about others (although I doubt many would contribute to charitable efforts to help the wider population)

  • smiddy3

    Of course Jw`s would be concerned about their own family before anyone else , but as for caring about anyone else forget it , they are a part of Satan`s system of things that is going to be destroyed by Jesus at Armageddon so why would we care about them ?

  • alanv

    The whole praying for God's protection is a joke. Sometimes they are lucky and no one gets killed or injured, and other times many of them do. Has nothing whatsoever to do with prayer

  • Diogenesister
    Alan The whole praying for God's protection is a joke. Sometimes they are lucky and no one gets killed or injured, and other times many of them do. Has nothing whatsoever to do with prayer

    I know...and they know it, they claim God will only act in according to his will and can only pray in accordance with his will, too! Which makes you wonder why they bother? They Will say "time and unforseen occurance" but unseen by whom? Their God Jehovah, they claim, knows everything - so why save some but not all? Why save some KH but not the 3 destroyed in the typhoon some years back?

  • blondie

    biahi, yes I know what jws say but I tried not to be part of it but shutting it down whenever I was around, Silence can be seen as agreement. I always was respectful. I had very few my presence. Many jws subscribe the notion of individual protection although in print the WTS only discusses protection "as a group" unless that person has a direct effect on the Messianic prophecy.

    Starting in 1975 the WTS disavowed that Psalm 91 was referring to individual protection during the GT.

    10. (a) Does Psalm 91 support the idea of individual protection during the “great tribulation”? (b) What kind of protection will God provide?

    10 Should we expect, moreover, that because Jehovah is on our side he will miraculously intervene to protect each one of us personally from death or injury during the “great tribulation”? Both Psalm 91:7-12 and Proverbs 3:25, 26 have been mistakenly cited by some as supporting this view. The psalm says: “A thousand will fall at your very side and ten thousand at your right hand; to you it will not come near.”* Lest we read into this text more than it states, we must ask ourselves if Moses is here talking about the coming “great tribulation” and is declaring a blanket protection for individual servants of God then. This would hardly be so when we remember that centuries later Paul showed that up to his time the devoted followers of Jehovah had undergone mockings, scourgings, prisons, tribulations and many other persecutions, even violent death. However, we can be assured that, as a group, Jehovah will protect them from being exterminated by their enemies during the “great tribulation,” and He, himself, will not touch them during his executing of adverse judgments.​—Heb. 11:36-38.

    Psalm 116:15 assures us that Jehovah will not allow his loyal servants as a group to be entirely removed from the earth. In fact, our modern-day history chronicles our endurance of severe trials and persecution, thus furnishing clear evidence that God will never permit us to be exterminated.

    Because of his limitless power and unfailing purpose, Jehovah will not allow us to be swept out of existence as a group.

    (Despite these statements...individual jws still think they will have individual protection...searching the WT online library using "as a group" is enlightening)

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