Why the Catholic Church outlast Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • VIII

    Being an Agnostic/Atheist (Not sure yet), I attend Catholic church with my better half pretty much every week. Have for the last 15 years or so. I get nothing, zero, zip, zilch out of it. I go simply to keep the single old ladies away from him.

    I believe the Catholics will last a lot longer than the JWs. The JWs are a cult. Is the Catholic church? Perhaps. However, they do their thing on Sunday and move on to the next week. They do beg for money, however, it's voluntary. Pass the basket and no one cares if you throw a quarter or a bundle. If you put in an envelope no one knows how much you gave.

    Honestly, they sing, read the scriptures take the collection, Deacon or Priest does the talk, then do the bread and wine and you're out in approximately an hour. That is for a 1000 size Sunday morning or 200 Saturday afternoon.

    I take a nap or meditate with my eyes open. No pressure to go out and recruit new members.

    I will say that at one of the local parishes we went to the Priest was from Zimbabwe and didn't like JWs. He made a point to bash them at any opportunity. Very odd. That turned me off. I could see no value to what he was saying and bashing JWs. He had a nervous breakdown recently.

  • jws

    I see the Catholic Church lasting longer just due to shear numbers. It’s like atomic half lives. The more matter (followers), the longer the decay rate.

    Plus, it’s a lot easier to claim to be Catholic. Priests don’t hound you if you’ve missed a few Sundays.

    So you can relax, live your life, and only think about Church on holidays or when you decide to. It’s not forced. So millions more can keep that tether easily.

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