Why the Catholic Church outlast Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • no-zombie

    Many of us who are old timers in "Truth", will clearly remember how we and the Organization gloated when Christendom began selling off their churches, as we saw many ending up becoming cafe's and art galleries. I personally remember being told (both in general conversation and in print) that the fall of their congregant numbers meant that most churches were ultimately attended by the elderly and it was clearly linked to the "drying up of her waters" in reference to the fall of Babylon and Babylon the Great.

    How ironic, that this very situation has now befallen the Society and our local Kingdom Halls.

    Yet I while firmly believe the Jehovah's Witness faith will ultimately collapse inwardly into obscurity, I also feel that contrary to what we see at the moment, the Catholic Church (and the other major Protestant religions) will likely make a resurgence in popularity just after the next World War.


    Well for two reasons.

    Firstly, people's religious faith and the practicing of it (from the larger perspective) is generally influenced by its perceived "need" by the individual. That is to simply say, when people feel at comfort, at ease, when things are looking up, then the psychological imperative to devote time to God is low. But throw them into a world where their surroundings, their livelihoods and their hope to exist for one more day are threatened, then even the most outrageous hedonists, will starts wishing for heaven to exist.

    But to take one step back, it’s not hard grasp that the declining popularity of the traditional churches began from the 18th century, as the opportunity to live happy "now" became a possibility for the many, rather than waiting until later, when people got it from some kind of heavenly reward. Thus from the time of the Industrial Revolution (which technically starting a bit before the 18th century), global standards of living rapidly increased from the times of indentured servitude. Resulting of course in the increasing rates of disposable income and public health, which flowed on to lengthening of people's life expectancy.

    However, as the traditional churches began to decline, the world saw the rise of non-conforming faiths, the International Bible Students being just one of them. Which poses an interesting question. Did all these minor religions really grow because they were actually better in some theological context, or did people just move congregations because they were tired of what was now viewed irreverent? Interestingly, a few social commentators have suggested that these new faiths grew more from as a form of social protest, than as a genuine issue of spiritually. Which could be true in the case of the Witnesses. For if we are honest, most who have come into the congregation, have done so not primarily due to doctrinal issues but rather they were motive by the supposed Christian "brotherhood" and the “love” displayed to them.

    However in times of real hardship (and have in your mind the images of the blitzed out London and Coventry) people do begin to crave stability and the vestiges of it. Thus it is during those times, seeing people attending mass even in roofless and burnout churches was not and will not be unusual again.

    This leads to my second point, in that the Catholic Church (and co) have something that the Organization can never have, which is ... history.

    Yes the Catholic Church has been around for over sixteen hundred years and the Protestant faiths, for at least five hundred. This fact alone, even now still has an amazing drawing ability. Remember, people might consciously accept that these religions may be nothing more than a mere collection of traditions, yet people still keep going back to it because of the comforting nature of it always being around, in a unstable world. Proof of this was seen in the recent fire at the Notre Dame cathedral, which emotionally effected tens of thousands of lapped Catholics to come out in solidarity to contribute for its repair.

    So when the world really falls apart, with millions dead or dying, where will people turn? To the E-religions of today (which in reality will go off line) or the one of few vestiges of normalcy left in people’s collective memory? For the Western world, my money is on the Catholic Church. Because while the remaining Witnesses will be left in some kind of limbo, totally lost without JW Broadcasting, streamed meeting parts and regular magazines, the millions of inactive Catholics and Anglicans will begin reconnecting to church communities to find continuity, as they have done in times past. Thus reinvigorating those faiths.

    What do you guys think?

    Will the Catholic Church actively out live Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  • jhine

    l can't speak for Catholic churches but my own church , the local one that l attend which is Anglican , is actually seeing an increase in numbers . this is despite the fact that we don't go door to door or have carts set up in shopping centres .


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I don't know if this mean anything but my mother always told me when I was a child she went from a beautiful Catholic church to a dirty basement below a printery business. Yes today most KH's are nice clean buildings but they they just don't have the pizzazz the Catholic churches have. Plus they have been around since 300's AD and the Wt. has only been around for 140 years. Just a thought. Still Totally ADD

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Yes being one of the first major religions has it's advantages. They also didn't have the internet to debunk them for hundreds of years.

  • LongHairGal


    I think you are right but certainly do hope there is not another world war!.....I think religions like the JWs made it sound as if they cracked some bible code and were less “pagan” than the Church they are so jealous of. This is what attracted some of their followers, myself included.


    Yes, the JWs have been around for about 140 years versus the Church being around since the third century. But yet the JWs have scandals and trouble.

    Can you imagine what the JW religion would be like if it were around THAT long?😮

  • no-zombie

    After the realization that the "new system" hope was nothing more than a fantasy, shear logic dictates the eventuality of another world war ... just 3 follows 1 & 2. Unfortunately, I fear that the drums of war have already started to beat.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes I find myself thinking similar thoughts. The growth of JWs during the 20th century was pretty impressive, despite those who like to downplay it, yet the communities they have established are ultimately pretty weak and prone to decline just as fast, or faster than they appeared.

    I compare it to the decline of the Church of Scotland which has been on a downward trend for over half a century. Some have predicted it will close before 2040. Yet in some ways it displays more resilience than JWs. Ten years ago I would never have expected that the Church of Scotland Yearbook would outlast the JW Yearbook, and yet here in 2019 the JW Yearbook is discontinued, and the CofS red Yearbooks are still going strong.

  • Vidiot

    While I have every confidence that the RCC will outlast the Watchtower, I do not subscribe to the idea that the world is doomed to go to hell in a handbasket.

    I had enough of that sort of thing when I was still in.

  • LV101

    The last thing we need is world war III but put my hope in a science-based society that lifts society as a whole -- let the toxic/dangerous religions slide into obscurity.

  • blondie

    The Catholic Church has made adjustments over some time thus seem to be better at doing it. The WTS does some rewriting of history and/or stop talking about a subject and let it disappear into oblivion. Or call it old light. The WTS has taken it upon themselves to rewrite parts of the bible, telling the ordinary members, that only the GB has the input and holy spirit from god to have the authority to do that.

    Also, they teach more directlyin that the pope, is supposedly the direct representative of Christ on earth. Just one man, not several.

    The LDS (Mormon) church does something similar, they have 12 apostles (replacements of the original 12) who get direct revelations from god regarding doctrines and policies that need to change (usually conveniently due to pressure from outside organization). Example, polygamy was outlawed officially to allow Utah to become a US state, and the secondary status of blacks (due to the change outside as well).

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