Ask yourself why you don't DESERVE "kindness" (A look a the Watchtower's struggle against "Grace."

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  • scholar


    Scholar is a loyal dedicated witness/ servant of the one true God, Jehovah only, working in cooperation with the Lord's true Chuch and His disciples on Earth today. I hope this clarifies matters for you in recognition of God's undeserved kindness/grace towards mankind.

    scholar JW

  • Finkelstein

    Scholar is a loyal dedicated witness/ servant of the one true God, Jehovah only,

    No your not, you cant be faithfully loyal to Jehovah and his son when you are openly opposed in words and actions against Jesus and his instructions for preaching his gospel.

    God's holy spirit is not with false prophets (sinning charlatans) or apostates, Satan may be though, the father of lies and the great deceiver.

    You should really analyze who you are faithful and loyal to and to what spirit force. ???

    You've been witnessed to through the words of Jesus Christ, so the decision is independently yours to make .

  • Terry

    The Watchtower asserts. Scriptures are cited. Truth and sole understanding are fronted. Obedience is demanded.
    Time passes.
    Truth becomes a banana turning mushy, with gooey spots.
    (Old Light).
    Over and over and over again.
    Confidence is unwavering.
    Is this really food at a proper time? Eat it before it rots?
    Why is communication between heaven and the Faithful Slave so corrupted in transmission?
    Answer. There is none.
    Watchtower is constantly ASSERTING to eight million people : "We've got it right this time - pay no attention to all those other wrong misunderstandings."

    Sooner or later, the non-brain dead wake up and leave.
    The Kingdom Hall breathes a sigh of relief, "Good Riddance."
    New victims arrive to replace them. Time after time.
    Faces shining with innocent belief find themselves on the conveyor belt from
    newbie to discarded EX-JW in a never ending devouring of hope and genuine victimization.
    Should we call our awakening, "naive" - or clinging to a pack of lies - "cognitive dissonance"?
    Insanity : "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."
    There is your answer.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Good thinking Terry, JW doctrine tries to keep a distinct brand image separate from the other Christian superstitions. Anglers use different baits according to what they want to catch. For JWs, "grace" is contaminated by association with the enemy: non JW faiths.

    What is overlooked is the very clear historical evolution of the concept of God. Just think how the almighty creator started out for the Jews as a vengeful ox headed idol YHVH who wallowed in the death of non believers (Psalm 137v9 springs to mind). Over time and reflecting a more enlightened and considerate society, today's Christian concept of God stresses grace and compassion. JWs have revived the old tradition in this instance with the fear of Armageddon and strict partisan beliefs. What other "loving father" gets the birds to pick clean the bones of his errant children? A god of "undeserved kindness"?

    The reason for this is that social attitudes are the driving force of religious doctrine and not the fine details of scripture. After all virtually any text can be found in the Bible to give divine approval for any belief you choose.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Time passes.
    Truth becomes a banana turning mushy, with gooey spots.
    (Old Light).

    Changing what is considered the truth is one matter but your original post asserted that Jehovah’s Witnesses use the phrase “ undeserved kindness” to show that we are generally not unworthy of Jehovahs kindness.

    I asserted that JWs use the term “undeserved kindness “when they are referring to God providing a way out for mankind via Jesus sacrifice, even though he wasn’t obligated to,

    It seems like you’ve gone off topic by bringing up the way they change their teachings from time to time which we all know to be so.

    I think your opening post was based on a false assumption about JWs and their use of the phrase undeserved kindness and their views of our worthiness of kindness and love from him.

    JWs have a lot of things wrong but let’s be fair. They don’t teach that we aren’t worthy of his love.

    There is a mixed message from JWs however that indicates that even though Jehovah loves us , out of fairness to the »obedient »ones, he won’t spare us at Armageddon unless we participate in what they consider to be « worship and service ».

  • Acerbitous

    Thank you Terry, for another reason to do your own Bible research and not rely only on WT publications and KH meetings. Just don't put off leaving the KH, as the real life you were actually meant to live is anxiously waiting for you.

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