Ask yourself why you don't DESERVE "kindness" (A look a the Watchtower's struggle against "Grace."

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  • Terry

    You won’t find any in the New World Translation!
    No no no.
    You only find “undeserved kindness.

    (Ask yourself why you don't DESERVE kindness.) ???
    Isn’t kindness basic decency??

    If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses you have a reason.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are never on firm standing with their god.
    The “gift” they offer to appease Jehovah is constant service, meeting attendance, counting the hours on a never-ending treadmill - because- He is a “what have you done for me lately?” kind of deity.
    Contrarily, the “gift” Jehovah gives His Witnesses violates perfect standards.

    (A closer look)

    God has the highest standards of “quality control” and that standard is perfection.
    For Jehovah’s Witnesses righteousness and salvation are a quality control problem.
    You aren’t perfect so you don’t deserve to be shown kindness … especially from Jehovah.

    How odd!
    This is a Master and slave arrangement where pity tests high standards for justification as to why any kindness at all should be shown.

    (Practical vs Irrational)

    Many (if not most) people say they hate their job - but - they go and do it anyway.
    Better than starving, right?

    We do what we must do in exchange for what we can’t live without.
    Call it a “hard bargain.” To do otherwise is impractical.

    The Boss doesn’t have to like you either - but - he has to pay you.
    If you don’t please the Boss - he can fire you.
    You can sue for wages if he doesn’t pay - but - you can’t sue if he doesn’t like you.
    That would be irrational.

    For Jehovah’s Witnesses, God has the right to destroy us for our imperfection and He is determined to do so - unless - a hard bargain is struck.

    Consequently, a JW is a slave under bondage.

    The Slave master is Jehovah. The JW follows orders unquestioning and without independent thought.

    “Yassuh Boss!”

    To expect kindness from such an arrangement is out of the question!

    But as “normal” as this might seem to a Witness - it is way out of step with mainstream Christianity.
    Distinctions and differences abound between the Watchtower view of God’s loving kindness and the distortion of motives.


    Monstrous parents would starve a special-needs child for not performing
    to high standards. Allowances and consideration is basic decency.
    Parental love is fundamental to fair treatment.

    Unstable people in dysfunctional families are wildly inconsistent, however.
    A child would soon learn fear and unpredictability because basic ‘cause and effect’ doesn’t follow reasonable expectations.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses live in a dysfunctional family.
    Rank and file members in local Kingdom Halls see themselves as special-needs miscreants undeserving and worthless.
    Having “inherited” sin - only eternal servitude and unquestioning toil keeps them alive.

    They speak of Jehovah as a God of love - but it is at odds with basic decency.

    If Jehovah God says you don't DESERVE something and yet gives it to you anyway...who is conflicted here?? God is conflicted.
    Who is breaking their own moral code? God.
    Who is violating what justice is all about? God.

    Why - because it is willy-nilly, ad hoc, arbitrary, capricious, and whimsical.
    At least - the Watchtower version is all the above.

    The Watchtower teaching of "undeserved kindness", emphasizes the "undeserved" concept of salvation. (Being saved from God’s anger and punishment.)

    Jehovah - kindness is undeserved even though Witnesses struggle mightily to satisfy the long list of tasks, activities, service schedules the Watchtower lays on them.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have to earn while they learn, go door to door, attend all meetings, read all the Society's publications and never doubt the Governing Body's teachings.
    So, WHY DO WATCHTOWER TEACHINGS differ from mainstream Christianity?

    For over 100 years, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been wildly erratic about what they teach and believe and the results of the chaotic confusion are like broken auto parts from a junk car the owner struggles to keep running.
    What was “Truth” along the highway is just junk (Old Light) and spare parts.

    This chaos and confusion begins with a distortion of Old Testament Judaism.

    In Judaism; only the person you sin against can forgive you!

    If you steal from Moshe; only Moshe (the injured party) can forgive you. Or,choose not.

    You cannot cut Moshe out of the picture and go over his head, so to speak, and get your invisible buddy in the sky, God, to forgive ON BEHALF of Moshe.

    No, according to Judaism, the wronged party holds the key to your forgiveness and your obligation is to him.

    The law of the Talon was a law of Justice because of the balance between the injury and the restoring of the injured party to equity. Fairness was key.

    There was a system of fines, service and payback that would compensate a victim fairly. JEWISH LAW was PRACTICAL. It was worked out by Moses by constantly having to deal with day-to-day conflicts, arguments, injustices (perceived or real) over and over again. These arbitrations had to be practical to maintain peace.

    At the conclusion of the ‘Old Testament’ the world was dramatically changing because Alexander the Great had conquered the world and brought Greek philosophy, law, language, and administration to Jewish society.

    New Testament (Judaism)

    In Christianity where every denomination gets informed by Holy Spirit, grace is all over the place, but, suffice to say:

    GRACE intrudes into Judaism and destroys the practicality of the Law.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t deal with the supernatural identity of what the Watchtower terms (lower case) holy spirit.
    Christianity terms (upper case) Holy Spirit.

    Watchtower says “active force” and impersonal.
    Christianity says “3rd person of the Trinity”.

    (Discussion follows of Christian grace and how it operates)

    You can steal, fornicate, lie, cheat and commit mayhem and then turn to God and be forgiven by displaying a penitent heart. Even so late as on your deathbed in many cases. Yet, the people who you took from, injured, belittled, wronged and destroyed have no say in this transaction! The victims suffer the wrongs and God makes it even-steven on the scale of justice!

    (Sinning against an “active force” is problematic for J.W.’s)
    But, by way of contrast: the unforgivable sin in Judaism makes perfect sense.

    In Judaism murder is the unforgivable sin. Why? Because the injured party NO LONGER EXISTS in order to forgive you!

    ____ Image result for photo of a broken chair"

    Go into your garage workshop and construct a chair, then, stand back and say "That is GOOD!”
    Next, invite your son or daughter to try it out and the chair breaks-----whose fault was it?
    If it is the chair's fault for breaking--should you punish / forgive the chair?
    That would be preposterous and silly.
    But in Israel, in the O.T. once a year the sins of the people were simply pronounced over a stupid goat and it was sent out into the wilderness.
    The builder of the chair is at fault. But - are you going to blame GOD??
    No - so a ritual is created to blame-shift to the goat.

    In the Old Testament, YHWH’s forgiveness is a ritual reminder : we are in no position to BLAME GOD for our broken chair (even though He created the chair).
    Jehovah saves face by granting forgiveness and accepting the stupid blame-shift and the goat as a sacrifice.

    In the New Testament, you also find the notion that what men forgive is forgiven, and what they don't is not (e.g. John 20:23).

    It is a compromise, of sorts. Don’t blame God for being a “special needs” human and he won’t blame you for being broken.

    Fast-Forward to Modern day JW’s

    So, why is it JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES do not DESERVE (from God) KINDNESS?

    Jerusalem, near the Pool of Siloam:

    John 9
    Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

    1 As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. 2 His disciples asked him,
    “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

    The disciples ask this question because it reflected rabbinic theology.
    The rabbis wrongly extrapolated the general principle that sickness is a result of human rebellion against God (the Fall) to a rigid **casuistic **system which attributed each and every sickness to specific sins. In congenital cases like this one, some rabbis argued that the cause was pre-natal sin by the fetus; others argued that the cause was the mother's sin while pregnant.

    (** Casuistry is a process of reasoning that seeks to resolve moral problems by extracting or extending theoretical rules from a particular case, and reapplying those rules to new instances. This method occurs in applied ethics and jurisprudence.)

    Using a bewildering misunderstanding of Jewish Law, the Watchtower has concocted the following:
    The only sin Jehovah can forgive is a sin AGAINST HIMself.
    Adam sinned directly against GOD. By proxy Jesus could act the part (ritually) of dying FOR that sin of ADAM and Jehovah could prove he forgives all Adam’s offspring i.e. anointed) by demonstrably raising Jesus from the dead.
    Non-anointed are saved - not by Jesus - but by association with the “anointed”, i.e. Governing Body of the Watchtower.

    Let that sink in

    NO “there” there

    The sin Jehovah forgives with Jesus' death is the “broken chair” sin of ADAM and not every sin all humans throughout history have committed.
    Most of THOSE sins were by humans against other humans.
    The “broken chair” sin : man refuses to accuse God for being broken
    And God, in turn, overlooks their brokenness.

    “Forgive us our sins,

    as we forgive those who sin against us.”

    Superstitious humanity was under the false impression that all their misery was passed down generation by generation inescapably.

    A man blind by birth was thought to be punished for the sins of his mother and father.

    The concept of how traits were inherited was a conglomeration of bad guesses and wrong ideas.

    What a pregnant woman (or animal) SAW could actually MARK that baby and change their appearance or condition according to these superstitious people.

    Jesus' prayer reflects these ideas. “Forgive us as we forgive.”

    Jews had their notions of forgiveness and YHWH’s love.
    Catholic Christians had their notions.
    Martin Luther had “grace” notions.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses have their teachings.

    AS AN EX-JW - I have come to terms with superstitions and the whole idea
    There is any “TRUTH” as a teaching in the Bible.

    Your mileage, of course, may vary.

  • iwantoutnow

    Good point and yes I remember thinking about that years ago.

  • carla

    It has been my experience that you can't even have a conversation with a jw about Grace, they have no concept of it. Just when you think they may be agreeing with you they come out of left field with some wacky analogy that shows you are clearly talking about 2 different things all together. Might as well be having a conversation in Greek and Japanese where neither one knows what the hell the other one is talking about.

  • tiki

    Interesting piece. I struggle with the concept of "grace" still.....

    Love the junk jalopy analogy. Perfect fit for the mangled teachings of that religion. If only they would make a serious study of ancient history, cultures and mores before trying to dissect scripture perhaps they would come up with a more cohesive belief structure....or perhaps not.

  • Terry

    I would posit that a Being (no matter how wonderful) would not be "god" if there weren't inferiors (rather than equals).
    Logically, if everybody is equal, they can't worship each other nor would there be cause.
    The glitch is in the "why". Why would a wonderful Being create inferiors?
    God cannot be "god" without worshipers.
    Essentially as simple as that.

    Extending mercy to inferiors sets aside the necessity of casting final judgment upon them. If you destroy your audience - why put on the play?
    A wonderfully written and superbly acted play without an audience is mere self-indulgence.

    That's not an attempt at profundity, I assure you :)


    Agreed. Try this simple test. Give your significant other a gift, and tell them that you love them.

    Then make sure to explain that they don’t deserve it, and that you gave it to them because you are so wise and benevolent and you just love the effort they put forth.

    Maybe someday, if they work hard enough, they will gain the privilege of the prospect of gaining your love in the truest sense.

    Thats what JWs earn, not immortality, but the prospect of eternal life if they do enough for long enough and never make a mistake for all eternity.


  • Acluetofindtheuser
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are never on firm standing with their god.
    The “gift” they offer to appease Jehovah is constant service, meeting attendance, counting the hours on a never-ending treadmill - because- He is a “what have you done for me lately?” kind of deity.
    Contrarily, the “gift” Jehovah gives His Witnesses violates perfect standards.

    What is so ironic about this statement of yours is that Janet Jackson, a former JW, made a top of the charts song titled, "What have you done for me lately?" back in 1986 which was from the Control album.

    Then there's the song Control from the same album. Both these songs scream JW brainwashing which she experienced as child growing up the the kingdom hall.

    Your discussion about Grace was very good. I know so many witnesses that feel they're not good enough. This is all due to the WT indoctrination.

    Here's the music video if you want to see a blast from the past. Remember, she was on her way out when she put this music together.

    The song is about a boyfriend but we know who it's really about.

  • Terry

    JW celebrities certainly operate as though they are in a totally special bubble
    of "grace" from the Watchtower big boys. The stuff they get away with amazes me.

    Elite privileges are the next best thing, I suppose.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    You are right about that. The William sisters can do what ever they want and the elders turn a blind eye. If you bring in big money to the contribution boxes then you have approved WT grace.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    Interesting and insightful post. Thank you.

    Re: celeb JWs, good luck finding two witnesses confirming any bad behavior by them. To be fair, they get away with a lot just by not being around other JWs very often and by not being in one place long enough to settle into a congregation that would hold them accountable.

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