Strangest JW you ever knew stories

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  • fulano

    My uncle had a return-visit for years. Every two weeks he would take the magazines to this old man that had a car paint shop, but the man never had time for a conversation. Untill after years my uncle tried again to establish a conversation and asked the man to read a bible verse. The man answered than he was illeterate. So why do you buy the magazines year after year. He said he liked the size, and they were cheaper than newspapers, and opened up they covered most of the car windows when paiting the cars.

  • smiddy3

    I have heard a couple of stories as an MS of sisters who claimed the Demons had sex with them .

  • fulano

    In their dreams!

  • LV101

    hahahaha - smiddy3&fulano - this is better than comedy hr. -- forget prayer to start the day just come on here.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    We had a sister who claimed to be allergic to all perfume and deodorant too.

  • blondie

    MNIONQ, Some people are allergic to all perfume and deodorant. I can't use any products with that. And you will know if I am if you are around me and are heavily scented by more than BO. My eyes turn red and water, I start sneezing without stop and when on my skin, blister it.

    I would observe people who said that making every one bend backwards to accommodate them, and then see them in the malls, at the library, at movies, in other words, in other public settings, and no problems.

    Maybe they were really allergic to the WTS doctrine and policies preached at the KH and wanted a credible excuse not to be there, maybe. Or maybe they felt ignored, or were in reality, and wanted personal attention even it forced.

    I did not draw attention to myself, seeking sympathy. So few knew. I just made my own accommodations.

    But I was at the meetings, no special rooms for me. I just learned who seemed to have invested in a perfume factory and sat on the opposite side of the KH. And I moved if they sat near me after the meeting had started. And if that did not work, I would go home.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    A few memorable characters from various KHs over the years:

    - two extremely obese sisters who roomed together and had horrific fights and would call the elders on each other. They would rip doors off and overturn the kitchen table in their fights.

    - another very obese sister who had no car and who expected everybody to pick her up and take her to meetings and out in field service, etc. Trouble was, she had to urinate every 10 minutes and everyone needed to be able to accommodate her urgent... needs. She never once ever offered anyone money for fuel.

    - another sister with a small bladder who was a bit more practical and would pee behind or beside a bush. (Erm, this person would actually be me! Haha!) The sister with her in field service would stand in front of her or behind, holding up a coat to shelter her (me) with, LOL.

    - a pioneer brother who made his living selling Avon products to the sisters. He desperately hoped to marry someone. Anyone. Right now.

    - a Circuit Overseer who, for EVERY TALK OR LOCAL NEED, would bring out the evils and sins of oral sex. He would drool and spit as he frothed on about it. *shudder*

    - a young pioneer brother who bought himself - get this - gasp! - a 2-door sports car!!

    - a young brother returning from Bethel who expected everyone to be bedazzled by him and worship him and provide him with all his needs. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen someone behave so arrogantly and with such a feeling of entitlement... oh wait... Donald Trump suddenly comes to mind.

    - cruel elders, elders with dementia, elders on power trips...

    - sisters like sharks against each other when an eligible brother appears in their midst...

    - ... elderettes....

  • nateboussad

    I heard a very similar story. Crazy gossipy fools spread make believe, fake news... just like the smurf stories and two sister out in the ministry who had an angel behind them protecting them from a murderer at the house they called on.

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    How about a 5 gallon bucket for a bookbag? Complete with flashlights, screwdriver wrench. A thing you might need

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I saw a few of those things myself back in the day when I was there. Besides the cast of characters of poor souls who tried everybody’s patience, I saw an elder or two who were on some sort of ‘power trip’.

    As far as the arrogant and entitled ex-bethelite who expected everybody to provide for his ‘needs’, I wonder how that’s working out for him now? I’m sure at some point he probably got a job from one of the brothers with a business. Any generosity certainly wasn’t going to last indefinitely and I would have laughed in his face.. I hope no young JWs lurking here are imagining people in the hall are going to support anybody..This fallacy needs to end!

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