Strangest JW you ever knew stories

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  • rickroll

    We all have a lot over the years. I lived in a small area that was called Jehovahville because so many dubbers lived on that block. There were two sisters who one looked like a butch lesbian. She did all the things that would make you think she was and these two sisters lived together slept in the same bed and even the congregation would say they were like husband and wife. I brought this up to one of the elders and got scolded for saying it and that one of the sisters aunts was a lesbian non JW who spread these lies. I had no idea anyone had said anything. It was just obvious something was going on.

  • rickroll

    This story was when I was young and a bit on the over the top phase of life. I worked for an elder who had a carpet shop. He ended up firing me because I was questioning the religion. I started my own shop and stopped going to meetings. He told my elder grandfather some BS lies and my Granddad believed of course the elder. It was one of those if you are going to think me bad I will be bad. I went to a sex shop and bought a large dildo. It had the cut off base where the testicles hung down and flat on the back all silicone rubber. On one Thursday night I walked to the hall, dumped super glue on the flat part and glued it to his Toyota Camry like a hood ornament. All I could think of was him pulling on this dick after meeting. A dick pulling on a dick. Crazy days indeed. My Grandad always would take the side of the elders over anything. If I had video evidence he would refuse to believe it. Parents and grand parents who are in the cult make one crazy. I will say although I still get a chuckle out of it today I do not recommend anyone doing this today. You could get into a lot of trouble. One thing I will say is that no elders ever came round to roust me.

  • Xanthippe

    Strangest JWs? My mother! She made us go to boring conventions when we couldn't even afford holidays or new clothes for that matter.

    Standing at the bus stop in London with four kids the Wembley JWs told us to wait at to go to the digs they'd assigned us.

    Eleven o'clock and still no buses! If it wasn't for a guy who was keen on my older sister giving us a lift we'd have been there all night.

    Still she believed in these incompetent idiots and booked more conventions. Edinburgh was awful, five of us in one room. Not even a drink in the morning let alone breakfast. Those were the days!

  • LV101

    Does anyone remember the ex-bethelite member, Randy - I think he was friends with Ray Franz and a member yrs. ago on H20, etc., too. He did a series of JW stories/beyond Hillbillies. It would be great to have those and I'm sure he'd share. Laughing so hard tears would stream down my face - I can't recall what he called them but so funny.

  • tiki

    LV101...the Okies.....they were hilarious!!!

  • Vidiot
    LV101 - "...The cult definitely is anti-manners and social skills."

    Tends to happen when blinkered policies, consistent failures, and institutionalized disenfranchizement alienate and - ultimately - push out the decent, compassionate, and emotionally well-adjusted types.

    Who else is left but the assholes?


  • LV101

    tiki - YES!! That's what they were called - HILARIOUS! Have you any idea where these are posted online? Omigoodness. They are priceless and should be continued along with rickrolls' and the other winners posted here.

    Thanks, tiki.

  • Hairtrigger

    It’s online. Called “Armageddon Oakies

    just type that into your browser it will pop up

  • nateboussad

    I heard a very similar story. Crazy gossipy fools spread make believe, fake news... just like the smurf stories and two sister out in the ministry who had an angel behind them protecting them from a murderer at the house they called on.

    It was all just urban JW legends!

  • Biahi

    My elder dad had a study, some man from a foreign country. When he came to the hall, my dad introduced me to him. That week, he told my dad he wanted to marry me. OMG, wouldn’t take no for an answer. My dad dropped the study. 😆

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