Were the life spans of the patriarchs just an allegory of astronomical cycles?

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  • KalebOutWest
    Easyprompt--You can repeat a lie as much as you want, but it doesn't make it true.

    It seems that EasyPrompt who has a 'degree in archeology' has gone silent. Give someone an opportunity to prove themselves, you will see what they really are.

    I have no hard feeling toward anyone's beliefs, religious or nonreligious. I am Jewish by birth--it's a cultural thing for me. It has nothing to do with whether I believe in Jesus or God or the Bible. EasyPrompt has wrong ideas and is being very prejudiced and bigoted with his views about my being Jewish. It has to do with who I am as a person, my people, my calendar year and our customs. I can see by the comments of others and even lack thereof that others get that and are not like EasyPrompt.

    I wish good tidings, the happiest that life can give to all, a season of great harvest, warmth, family, friends, and a Happy Jewish New Year whether you are Jewish or not. I am sorry that someone on here can only be a "Watchtower" about it. To everyone else, the best to you all in whatever you are and wherever you are in life!

    And great points there, Vidiot!

  • EasyPrompt
    KalebOutWest said: "Where did you attend?"

    I attended St Pete JC, FSU, USF, and UMass Boston. (The professor who mentored my honors thesis study was Nancy Marie White.)

    KalebOutWest said: "This means you know my mother tongue"

    Yes, it's called "BS". Some archaeologists start with a BA. Some get a BS. I know which one you have. I can smell your "mother tongue" a mile away. You got your "degree" in "archaeology" the same way you "became a Jew" - in your imagination.

    Vidiot said: "Good thing I haven’t actually done that, then."


  • Vidiot
    EasyPrompt - “…I can smell your ‘mother tongue’ a mile away. You got your ‘degree’ in ‘archaeology’ the same way you ‘became a Jew’ - in your imagination.”

    And you just flushed the last bit of goodwill you had from anyone else here down the fucking toilet.

    Well done; Jesus would be proud.

  • EasyPrompt

    (Good night, AugustHest/KalebOutWest.)

  • EasyPrompt
    "And you just flushed the last bit of goodwill you had from anyone else here down the f*****g toilet."

    I wasn't looking for goodwill from you or anyone here.

    "Well done; Jesus would be proud."

    You don't know him. But you are right in this case. Jesus called out liars for what they are too.

  • EasyPrompt
    Vidiot said: "Considering everything modern science and history has learned in the past century or so, I think the safest bet is to view pretty much everything in the Bible as "allegory"

    EasyPrompt said: “By the same token, anyone that insists the Bible be viewed as completely allegorical with no room for anything else also does it and everyone who contributed to its existence a disservice.”

    Vidiot said: "Good thing I haven’t actually done that, then."

    EasyPrompt said: "Yeah, you can repeat a lie as much as you want, but it doesn't make it true."

    Vidiot said: "Well done; Jesus would be proud."

    EasyPrompt said: "you are right in this case. Jesus called out liars for what they are too."
  • PioneerSchmioneer

    I'm Roman Catholic

    You got me so angry that whenI came to edit my first writing I pushed the wrong buttons. I still think that you are a very mean wgatever whether you are a girl or a man. My godson is upset rhat this us making me ypset! I am so angry at you!

    You are not worth it. I dont think you are goid. Im dont care. I am not Jewish and not an AI either

  • EasyPrompt

    I am not antisemitic. I am anti-liars. I have deep love for all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and I am not prejudiced against people for their culture or religion. But I do not appreciate those who claim to be something they are not in order to attempt to pull the wool over someone else's eyes or to fraudulently seek some kind of advantage for the sake of harming others, things you seem to like to do. I am sorry for you that you are so filled with hate and untruth, it must be quite miserable in that place, but I will call you out on it when I see you misusing the trust of others here and trying to play them for fools the same way the WTBT$ played many of us.

    I am honest, but I know that not every person who comes on this forum is honest about who they are and what they represent.

    AugustHest/KalebOutWest/PioneerSchmioneer is not Jewish. She doesn't care about the Jewish faith or about abuse victims, she only wants to bash anyone who has faith in the Bible. If she was concerned about seeming to be true, she would be more careful about what she posts under multiple screen names and run it through an AI checker to see how often she uses the same phrase combinations and grammatical functions so that it wouldn't be so easy to identify her when she lies.

    "It is very clear by your hateful posts!"

    Good night, again.

  • EasyPrompt

    (That's fine, you can go back and edit your posts if it makes you happy, @PioneerSchmioneer. I got a screenshot already.😂)

  • EasyPrompt

    Here, let me help you, @PioneerSchmioneer, since you suddenly seem to have trouble typing, perhaps this older post of yours is a better sample of your regular writing style, it's on the same kind of topic anyway...

    "I taught Christian theology for 10 years after I got my education upon leaving the Watchtower. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

    While many Jews do indeed teach (and believe) that Adam and Eve were historical--for they believe their graves are found at Machpelah or the modern cite of The Cave of the Patriarchs/Ibrahimi Mosque--Jews also teach that the narrative of the Garden of Eden (Gan Eden) is mythology.

    When Jesus makes reference to it (Matthew 12:3, 5; 19;4; 22:31; Mark 12:10, 26; Luke 6:3), he does so NOT as if he is making an example of the past or of history. He is always discussing Torah, making a specific reference to a statement in the law itself, supporting a point he is making by adding: "Have you not read...?" or "Is it not written...?" He is a rabbi teaching Torah, not history.

    The narratives in Torah, after all, are not historical narratives. All of them are there to teach the Jews Torah, the Law. If they were historical narratives, they would be in the Talmud, such as the most historical narrative about Abraham in all of Judaism, namely,Abraham and the Idol Shop. That narrative does not appear in Genesis or any part of the Torah or in the Hebrew Bible at all. It is in the Talmud. Why? Because the only narratives in the Torah teach references that illustrate points on carrying out the Mosaic Law. Actual Jewish history about the Patriarchs is not found there.

    Jews kept their history separate from the Scriptures. The Scriptures is a religious book, not a history book.

    Jesus was a rabbi, not a historian. So when he was debating with other rabbis and scribes, they debated religion--not history.

    The religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses counts the events in Genesis (which is in the Torah) as historical narrative. These narratives are not historical. They are either mythology, legend, or folklore. And they are chosen only because they illustrate to Jews how to carry out the Mosaic Law. (For example, Genesis chapter 1 teaches the Jews to keep the Sabbath. Since God is seen keeping Sabbath, and man and woman are made in God's image, then Jews must keep the Sabbath. Get it?)

    If the narrative had no such direct bearing on keeping the Torah, it did not get placed into it. The Torah was composed and finalized around the time of the Babylonian Exile. Around the same time, other narratives of the Patriarchs, like the above-mentionedAbraham and the Idol Shop, began to be assembled in the foundational writings of what would eventually become the Babylonian Talmud. More Jews know this story about Abraham than they do any narrative in Genesis.

    One last point, one need only read the Church Fathers--writings assembled before the New Testament was universally circulated and canonized--to note that the first Christians agreed with the Jews that the story of the Garden of Eden was symbolic. This is why the author of Acts constantly refers to the cross of Christ as a "tree" (in Greek, xylon--see Acts 5:30; 10:39; 13:29). The idea was that the "Tree of Life" in the Garden of Eden was the Cross of Christ, and that Jesus was the "New Adam" who gave his "flesh and blood" and the "fruit" that gave everlasting life. When Jesus gave Mary as his mother into the care of his beloved disciple, she become the "New Eve" for the Church at large--and thus entry to the Garden was ended since it was symbolic, and the whole thing was now over as far as Christians were concerned. This inspired Christian writers to continue to use the symbol of the "tree" ever after, especially since a cross is wood and looks like a tree.--Gal 3:13; 1 Pe 2:24.

    You can't make any Bible chronology out of something that the early Church said was symbolic. You have to be an idiot or someone who just doesn't or won't read the Church Fathers.

    I know the Watchtower didn't do that, because they're a cult.

    But even atheists and agnostic know history. It's what they call "critical/analytical study."



    Critical/analytical study reveals a lot of things. There is no one who can do a deeper critical/analytical study than God, and He reveals what He wants to whomever He wants, even to lowly ones.

    The patriarchal accounts in the Bible are accurate and measured in real years, not "allegorical" time.

    Ecclesiastes 3:11

    "He has even put eternity in their heart."

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