Anthony Morris Made a special appearance on JW Broadcasting to talk child abuse.

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  • GoneAwol

    This comment is aimed at the rank and file. "We are proud of our reputation". Arsehole!!

    It gives them an answer to 'apostates' that bring up the abuse cases. Thats the sole reason why A Morris the turd says it. Damage limitation. In his own words, its despicable!

  • Listener

    Thanks for that snippet from his speech GoneAwol, for those that don't always click on links I'll transcribe it here

    While we cannot control everything that an individual might say, it is clear that over the decades it’s protecting children from abuse that is a top priority for this organization.

    We are proud of our reputation in this regard and we look forward to the time in God’s New World when...

    Really, they can't control everything what individuals say. Is he talking about the Elders who admitted at the RC that they had proven to be inadequate in this area? He might like to offer himself up at the next hearing so that he can tell the Commission himself how good they are.

    Then he announces that they are proud of their reputation. Is this their reputation amongst JWs only because they have a bad reputation in the Courts, media and in Society.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    "Also, the cartoon depicts sexual predators as "demon" like when the most insidious - and likely - source of sexual abuse is adults in positions of trust."

    That's why most perpetrators are elders or ministerial servants, and seldom members of the rank and file (except in the case of a close relative).

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