Anthony Morris Made a special appearance on JW Broadcasting to talk child abuse.

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  • raven

    NikL you are right- It is an old video, however they put it back up in the forefront of their website so many people could just now be seeing it too... He's just casually speaking out about how terrible child abuse is, he doesn't mention though that a vast number of his own followers are pedophiles.

  • scratchme1010

    I have no desire to hear anything those pedophile protectors have to say; in fact, I have no interest in anything they have to say about anything.

    They don't care about children, period.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    December broadcast now up - for anyone who can stomach it!


  • Finkelstein

    What a bunch of lying bullshit Morris displayed in that video,

    He mentioned that the organization has taken a decisive stand against child abuse, which is contradictory to the latest letter to congregations and elders that child abuse situations should only be reported to the local authorities if only required to do so by law.

  • gerry


    Oh, and WHY does it fail to acknowledge the FACT that there were over 1006 UNREPORTED cases in Australia alone??

    Yes why not mention that there is a Royal Commission going on in Australia about child abuse.

    And that the Australian government is investigating institutions in an effort to protect children from abuse.

    We know why! Because they want to keep the rank and file in the dark.

  • schnell
    You say it like the rank and file don't want to be kept in the dark.
  • LevelThePlayingField

    You've heard of, "My country, right or wrong." Well, I think there are Witnesses out there who think, my religion right or wrong down deep in there hearts, pedophiles and all.

  • Xanthippe

    Drives me crazy the way he says when the world was still naive about child abuse the GB knew about is and brought out that Awake! in 1982. Lets go back a little further to the source of their amazing knowledge and authority, the Bible.

    If three thousand years ago the 'inspired' writers were way ahead of the naive 'world' why make that ridiculous two witness rule about immorality and rape if they knew there are never any witnesses to child abuse. Why do the GB insist on sticking to this naive ancient rule if they are light years ahead of the worldly authorities.

  • freddo

    I quickly looked at jborg and can't see it?

  • keinlezard


    Yes this video is old ... but what I see when I loot at this video is Morris is a liar

    remember some facts

    each video are , 2015 video ... but

    Trials Conti and Lopez was in 2012 and 2015

    We have to the declaration of Gerrit Lösch in june 2014

    then I see Lett and Morris as liars ..

    because they declares pedophiles are lies of apostates and opponent ( Lett ) and Morris pedophiles are from gays ... after this 2 trials ... 1 years after they pay 20 millions $ !!!!

    They know that.

    Another thing I see ... and it's a shame on jw the refuse to see these.

    Jackson passed before CRA ... with "1006 pedophiles cases" ...

    Then the video on in first page ... tells me "Authorities we , jw and GB , we f**k you"

    That say Watchtower will not change ... they are going "headlong rush" ( sorry I don"t know the real terms )


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