Anthony Morris Made a special appearance on JW Broadcasting to talk child abuse.

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  • NikL

    Just popped on to see if December broadcast was up and it's not.

    However, there is a new vid of Bro. Morris addressing child abuse within the Org.

  • ttdtt

    Thats not new its pretty old.

  • NikL
    ttdtt 29 minutes ago

    Thats not new its pretty old.

    as the front page of JW broadcasting?

    Sorry I did not see it before

  • sir82

    The clip itself was made in 2015 - the fact that it is on the front page of the website is indeed new.

    It indicates that the WTS, or at least their PR department, is concerned about the spate of recent articles on the topic in Canada, Spain, and Australia.

    Of course Morris is a moron (it's not that he just plays one on TV) and his dribble does nothing to address the real problem.


    The PR dept is running in circles like the prophets of Baal, hoping that Jeehoobity-doo hears their prayers and silences the abuse victims.


  • Sliced

    I noticed this also- but as was stated, this clip was taken from a previous Broadcast from last year. The fact that they cropped it and stuck in front and center only goes to show how much they are "in the know" as to what's being said about them and the child abuse scandals. Instead of an apology to victims or any type of validation- they arrogantly post this on the "front page" sort to speak. How creepy and how typical. Thanks Tony Morris for only verifying the truth of matter... "shame on you!!!!"

  • stuckinarut2


    To bring out an old clip again just smacks of attempted DAMAGE CONTROL.

    Totally embarrassing to the society!

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh, and WHY does it fail to acknowledge the FACT that there were over 1006 UNREPORTED cases in Australia alone??

    Why does it fail to mention the FACT that there have been multiple cases PROVEN in courts of law that required the society to pay out MILLIONS of dollars in penalties to victims?

    Why does it fail to tell the "sheep" that their donated funds go to such causes?

    Why have they not simply owned the FACT that they stuffed up over the years with the guidelines provided on how to handle these matters?

    Why do they try and distract the "sheep"?

  • Thisismein1972

    Something to remember. The watchtower NEVER do anything without some sort of an agenda. The recent bethel doctors video is a case in point, this, in my opinion, is in response to the recent death of a young mother due to the Blood policy.

  • steve2

    A whitewash.

    Not one word educating parents about potential courses of action in the event their child discloses sexual abuse or the parents themselves discover evidence their child has been sexually abused:

    Report it to the appropriate secular authorities.

    Also, the cartoon depicts sexual predators as "demon" like when the most insidious - and likely - source of sexual abuse is adults in positions of trust.

    And, not one word about "the two witness" rule and absence of support people of the child's choosing when the elders meet with them.

    There is nothing - absolutely nothing - in this regurgitated piece of PR that builds confidence that the organization values children's wellbeing over its reputation.

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