Certain JWs

by Holden Caufield 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • silentbuddha

    There was 1.. just 1 JW that I miss. He was an educator, he would constantly read apostate tracts we found in our local service area (tampa)and comment on how what they said was actually full of truth when we would have personal vonversation.

    There were a multitude of issues he knew were wrong and would have to be corrected. He was extremely intelligent in so many other areas.

    He made it apparent that the reason he never left was because he invested so much time in the borg... he cared about people and he admitted he never wanted to difellowship anyone.

    I remember being on committees with him and we never disfellowshipped anyone because he didn't feel it was loving.

    In hindsight I believe he was instrumental in me leaving.

    I hope one day he leaves so we can have a real get together

  • zeb

    How do i put this......................NO.

  • smiddy3

    The wife and I did have a good social life with a certain few,camping ( booze) Restuarants (booze) scrabble nights (booze) house get togethers (booze) this was a congregation with Elders and MS which I was one about our own age.

    And I often wonder now if any of them have left

  • Finkelstein

    Yes , there were some really nice people I miss seeing , that includes girls who I had crush on .

  • Phoebe


    The friends I thought I had....none of them were true friends. I don't miss any one of them.

  • truth_b_known


    I never disassociated myself.

    I was never disfellowshipped.

    I was shunned simply because I rarely made meetings and was inactive in the ministry.

    After 32 faithful years of service, 7 as a ministerial servant, with 7 years of auxiliary pioneering after high school, I was shunned as was my wife and children.

    No love lost.

  • blondie

    Not by the time I faded. If they weren't the instigator of the spiritual abuse, they agreed with it by their silence. After 17 years, that still stands for me. Hypocrites all of them. (this does not include those that still have family they have to take care of)

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Definitely people that I miss. But my closest friends aren't witnesses, and they accept me for who I am, faults and all. They've been there for all of my major life events, regardless of how long it's been since we talked last, or what I've been up to. And I've learned to be their friend, unconditionally, for life.

  • MrExJW

    I do. I also still have dreams of JW world.

    Last night I had one where I was an an assembly as an apostate. Very strange.

    But I have to say, I dont miss 99% of them. Since they proved to be conditional friends.

    I faded and they know of nothing I did wrong, but that didnt keep them from forgetting about me right away.

  • VIII

    I don't miss any of them. A bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. When I have visited my Mother back in the home city and we've gone out, we've encountered local JWs I grew up with. They will look through me like I'm invisible. Won't say hello or acknowledge me. I am not DFd or Disassociated. Just a fader.

    That said, I hear from one of them daily.

    Yes, daily. My Mother. She calls me at least once and depending on her need to chatter to someone, up to 11 times a day. She has run off all members of the JWs as friends, all other JW family and pretty much has no one to speak to except me, her Apostate child left! How is that for funny?!

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