How many JWs would offer their young daughters as a bride to a single GB member

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  • Chook

    I think the bragging rights of parents would rule. I've seen COs marry girls no older than there own children when their spouse has died.

  • waton

    One of the couples lived with us for a while, and would I want my beautiful slim daughters be in such a marriage? not really, in an unnatural arrangement. I want to see grandchildren, raised in healthy family surroundings.

    Chook, my objection is not the age difference, it is the institution. of course, the groom would probably be eased out of his GB "position". But I have advocated half seriously that men should not be permitted to have children until age 60, with fat retirement pensions, to look full time after their offspring. vivre la difference, even in age.

  • NoviceLocs14

    Shoot, they'll offer their daughters to ANY older man with some type of status in the org. I know personally of a sister who was 2 years older than me (18 at the time) whose parents welcomed the proposition of marriage from an elder in his 30s. She was bad mouthed in her congregation because she turned him down and married a "convert".

    Ironically, the same elder in question turned his attention to me, who was only 16 at the time. He was extremely flirtatious and sometimes inappropriate. Instead of my parents being creeped out about this, they thought it was cute and teased me about what our children would look like.

  • waton
    18 at the time) whose parents welcomed the proposition of marriage from an elder in his 30s. .... she turned him down .." NL14:

    Glad the young lady had a say in it. Wt parents, faced with a Methuselah proposal might argue of course, that in the soon to be liveable Paradise, the double ratio of 18 years difference now, would be ~ 54 girl / 72 geezer ,--- a better matched golden years situation.

  • rebel8

    They remind me of the FLDS' May-December romances. It's definitely a thing. One day maybe I will put some thought and research into figuring out what sick sociological forces are at work there.

    Obviously, relationships with age differences can be healthy, but in the jw world, everything's already f^(&d up and the power differential makes it worse.

  • stuckinarut2

    Sadly as with many witness relationships and marriages, it's not about choosing the "best person" , but rather just "the best available" (according to witness criteria anyway)

  • Crazyguy

    Most and the wives would go too!!

  • waton
    Obviously, relationships with age differences can be healthy, rebel8:

    healthy for the longevity of the human race. There was an article in one of the science sites, that it is the breeding by 80+ year old, viral males , passing on their superior genes to obviously younger females ( not much fertility after 50 there} that has lifted the aged health of the current population. There is apparently at least one over 85 year old father of a toddler on this site.

    stuckinarut2 it is the lady that has the last word: "yes".so it is ladies' affirmed choice. men of course do not understand the female makeup, but I could never stomach being married to a person that does not light my fire. so, if ladies do, sorry.

    p.s. The older the male, the more help he needs, the younger the female, the more help she provides. win win.

  • WTWizard

    What bothers me about this is not the age difference. Rather, the fact that these scumbags make decisions that affect the whole organization. This can be extremely manipulative, and they would be subject to scrutiny in every aspect. This means no college, no being allowed to listen to music that is not Kingdumb maladies, no nothing. Worse than marrying a hounder.

    Not to mention the amount of wear and stress the constant traveling involves. Anyone marrying one of those human-like reptilian scumbags will be attending multiple Grand Boasting Sessions. You will probably be at the center of any Israel mission planned, which means donating your energy to that abomination (meaning--your enslavement). You will probably not be allowed to enjoy a simple ice cream cone on a hot summer afternoon. Your finances, and the whole family's, will be drained into the Worldwide Damnation Fund. You will probably be expected to pious-sneer in lieu of working. You have children, it will be all blah for them. Worse than marrying a hounder. And, you will be required to set the example--everything to perfection. Again, worse than a hounder.

    Of course, so many are so brainwashed that they would jump to the chance to donate all their energy into this cancer of a cult. They would love to listen to Kingdumb maladies all day, give up all their freedom so they can do exactly what the washtowel wants and be placed on display all the time, and throw away all their money on Israel missions and Worldwide Damnation Fund donations. Those are the same ones that will wonder why "Satan" is forcing them to get microchip implants (not really Satan, but joke-hova but Satan will be blamed). They will wonder why they are being ordered to live in compounds packed and stacked, with vegan diets deficient in every nutrient and with no or minimal energy usage (and great compromise). They will wonder why they are worked so hard for no reward, and then they get slaughtered when they are unable to keep it up or if they try to spend 5 minutes pondering anything.

  • Awakenednow

    Seriously, YUCK!

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