Annual service report - yet another analysis - big trouble for the WTS

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  • asp59

    Problem is if you are a beliver. Shouldent work speed Up? Are not KHs supposed to teaching ground for teaching in new system. Why are they being sold? Why are congregations being removed? The numbers are no suprise. Cause things going downhill from the 90s. Question is why Gods organisation ( according to tesachings) is not being bless?

  • slimboyfat

    Seventh-day Adventist baptisms

    2019 - 1,188,038

    2020 - 707,221

    2021 - not released yet

    Mormon baptisms (convert baptisms + new children of record)

    2019 - 248,835 + 94,266 = 343,101

    2020 - 125,930 + 65,440 = 191,370

    2021 - not released yet

    Mormons and SDAs use calendar years rather than Watchtower’s eccentric September to September system. Mormons count children as converts at an earlier age than baptism and assume they will go on to get baptised, which most do, but not all.

    SDA baptisms fell by 40.1% between 2019 and 2020.

    Mormon convert baptisms fell by 49.3% between 2019 and 2020, and new children of record fell by 30.6%, which is overall drop of 44.1% if those those measures are combined.

  • joe134cd

    The thing that strikes me about these statistics is how the growth rates of the groups tend to mirror on another.

  • solomon

    Without in person meetings and field service it is impossible to enforce compliance by means of peer pressure and guilt.

    Another two years of zoom and what will the numbers be?

    Im surprised they actually released these numbers.

  • Jeffro


    Im surprised they actually released these numbers.

    They seem to be rather proud of their record keeping and reporting. They can always spin decreases (even when there isn’t a pandemic) as ‘the love of the greater number cooling off’ and ‘pressure from Satan’, while increases are touted as ‘proof of God’s blessing’.

    At the ‘publisher’ level, there is frequently dishonest reporting of ‘preaching activity’, and even ‘honest’ reports can include hours of driving, walking or just standing without any actual ‘preaching’. And the reporting of growth of ‘publisher’ numbers rather than adherents or baptisms does serve to misrepresent the denomination’s actual growth rate. But aside from such anomalies, the Society does seem to honestly report the numbers based on the reports it receives.

    (Of course, it would be futile to say the reported statistics look bad and at the same time say the reported statistics can’t be trusted.)

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    sbf's last post brings to my mind a lot of questions about how the pandemic isolation is affecting people on a more general level. People tend to use church activities as a social mechanism, and is part of their search for happiness. Non religious people may use clubs or volunteer activities to meet the same need. Most likely these groups have seen drop in participation as well. I know my volunteering came to an end in March 2020 and I miss it.

  • OnTheWayOut

    May the numbers continue to diminish and maybe even more so when they go back to the Kingdom Hall.

  • Corney
    There's already been a couple of threads on the 2021 report with insightful comments

    "a couple of insightful comments" would be more correct

  • joe134cd

    I think, what slim is trying to say is that wt is certainly not alone in its dilemma. Depending on how the dilemma is looked at, Wt might be doing quite well.

  • nowwhat?

    Whatever happened to " in the last days people will be streaming to mountain of Jehovah"? Remember they used to use this scripture as one of the identifying marks if the true religion?

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