Oct 2017 WT again shunning instructions

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  • undercover

    Notice they equate 'unrepentant wrongdoers' with all 'disfellowshipped' people. If a family member leaves the faith, not due to wrongdoing, but just because they no longer accept the WTS as God's Earthly Organization, then they are to be treated the same as someone who 'sinned' and was removed from the congregation. There is no leeway. Either you're one of us, or you're against us.

    Nothing new in it, just pointing it out in case of lurkers...

  • LV101

    The wicked Watchtower and other weird cults will always get away with their evil -- this country was founded on freedom of religion which is beautiful for the citizen but I don't think our founding fathers had these filthy rich cults in mind.

    The courts don't want to get involved with this freedom business of religion and thus religions run roughshod over humans.

  • pale.emperor

    The upside to being shunned is that these idiots are less likely to ask for money. If they come near me they'll get told off good.

    I'm more relieved that i wont have to fix one particular elders laptop and PC for the millionth time. The stupid fool wouldn't spend £19.99 on virus protection software and i was always at his place fixing his computer problems.

    Does anyone know why he kept getting popups for Latina Lovers? Or 8th Street Latinas? Hey, nothing to do with me. I just fix the problems and erase his BangBros search history and pretend i dont know what it is.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Bangbros must be something to do with the music industry....

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The way it evolves in the JW cult is that an idea starts as a comment in a WT then becomes part of the routine. I can imagine that shunning could become a badge of honour in the congregation. "I see you are successfully shunning three family members and two friends Brother Zealous, keep up the good work."

    "Theocratic warfare" i.e. lying for the Watchtower, was mentioned years ago as a rare and extreme measure under war-time conditions, as the cult goes into decline they will probably make it compulsory...............

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