Oct 2017 WT again shunning instructions

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  • Daniel1555
  • Daniel1555

    So now they mention telephone, text messages, letters, emails, social media.

    In other words. Out of your love "completely" isolate your family member who already lost all his friends and might have a tendency to depression. Some in this state are even considering suicide.

    But never ever take their phone call or reply to their text message.

    It is as to erase a person.

    To all those who are in these situations. You can be proud of you to have had the courage to get out. And we all here in this forum care for you.

  • alanv

    There is nothing new here. It has all been said before. They just like ramming the point home every now and again.

  • pale.emperor

    And yet the elders guidebook Shepherd The Flock Of God, page 116 paragraph 6 states:

    Congregation members are led to believe that shunning is a "law" from Jehovah, when at best it's simply a recommendation from the GB. Since when did women have privileges to lose in the first place? A woman can't even pray aloud in the company of men without putting a dishcloth on her head.

  • smiddy

    pale emperor

    A woman can't even pray aloud in the company of men without putting a dishcloth on her head.

    Yet surprisingly enough she can sit on the right hand of Jesus as a co-ruler with Jesus Christ for a thousand years

    So she has no say or authority in any congregation and certainly not in Bethel and no way can she be a Governing Body member ,heaven forbid a woman as a Governing body member ?

    And yet she can rule with Jesus Christ in Heaven for a thousand years ? by being one of the annointed here on earth where she is not appreciated because she is a woman ?

    The mind boggles.at the logic of Jehovahs Witnesses.

  • slimboyfat

    "We must avoid..."

    I don't recall language as demanding as that before. It's as if the WT has given up trying to convince its readers by force of argument and is simply issuing commands instead.

  • stuckinarut2

    Even after the Australian Royal Commission shone a HUGE spotlight on the inappropriate practice, the arrogant GB persists with such brazen statements....

    But you know, this isnt a cult or anything!?

  • wokeup

    For argument sake. Let's say I get 'caught' bringing up an erroneous teaching by the watchtower such as overlapping generation or 1914 and I'm brought before a 3 man tribunal and deemed 'an unrepentant wrongdoer' for questioning a false teaching. I'm now viewed as having 'left Jehovah' and excommunicated. So effective in silencing dissent ( real or imagined ) within the ranks, assaulting one's power of reasoning and destroying one's reputation in one swoop. Spiritual battery I say.


    Oct 2017 WT again shunning instructions

    WatchTower Is...........................Let WatchTower Help Your Family!

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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Well at least Watchtower acknowledges that their behavior is anything but normal.

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