Spiritual Welfare

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  • sparrowdown

    Guilting the individual members of the congregations that do work to feel responsible for the ones who refuse to look after themselves adequately because they choose instead to advertise for the borg fulltime and for free.


    WT shirking it's responsibility towards it's own volunteers - as usual.

    Side note : I ve never met a pioneer who wasn't a whiny me, me, me freeloading bitch.

  • Crazyguy

    What a load of horse shit! I know plenty of JWs that couldn't make ends meet no matter what they did as stupid untrained in a trade pioneers etc. A friend is a mechanic and has had several JWs need repair work on their cars but couldn't afford it

  • skin

    A good example of WT double speak. "Simplify your life and reduce your work hours so you can spend more time in Jehovah's service". But then when you can't keep up with your everyday bill expenses because of following this direction from WT, we are told by WT that it is Satan's system that is the causing your financial hardship.

  • Listener

    The couple didn't even say it was a money issue, it just appeared to be a landlord issue, who it sounds, was illegally evicting them.

    It looks like they're still up to their old tricks. The couple recieve the money in their mail box and there is no indication who it is from. They can't have them knowing it was from individuals in the congregation.

  • hoser

    One of the first rental properties I owned was vacant during a downturn. I was criticized for buying it but then was asked by the elders if a needy "spiritual" family could move in at reduced rent. At the time I was still easily suckered so it happened. One of the first things they did was buy a big tv and an entertainment centre while claiming to not be able to afford full rent. They stayed about 6 months,never did change the utilities into their name and left me a mess to clean up. I figure I lost a couple grand on the deal

    Lesson learned.

  • krismalone

    What shameful parasite pioneers!

    If a person high on WT kool aid refuses to be responsable financially and slave for a corporation promoting their guilt, fear and obligation... Then go ahead! But once they expect others to pick up their sorry asses and pay their bills, they become shameful parasite pioneers. Let them starve!!!!!that's the only way they can realize that their decision of slaving for a corporation was bs. Yet these same ones give talks and counsel others who do work hard and support themselves responsibly.

    If they obey the GB regarding not going to school, not working full time then let the GB pay their bills and feed them!

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses are trained to be parasites on society and sometimes these parasites turn on their own gullible members and fleece them also.

  • stuckinarut2

    JohnFree, your comments were spot on!


    Just borrow more money.

    This evil system of things [like accountable responsibility] will be over soon and all debts will be forgiven.

    YES! Lying for the Truth!

  • rebel8

    I have nothing else to say that hasn't been said, but I'll say it anyway.

    someone in your congregation who is putting Jehovah first but suffering financial difficulties under Satan's system

    Imagine your neighbor comes to you and complains about his kid. The kid doubled up and graduated early from high school so he wouldn't have to do schoolwork for the final year. Then he decided his permanent life plan is to have a part time job and use his salary on gas, driving around the neighborhood, knocking on complete strangers' doors to sell magazine subscriptions for charities (no commission or pay). He is able-bodied but just chooses this lifestyle.

    And then he says it's the devil's fault he is struggling financially.

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