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  • Vanderhoven7

    What do you think of this rant?

    “Jehovah's Witnesses are the only true religion. This is demonstrated by a slew of true teachings that only Jehovah could have revealed to His servants on earth.

    For example:

    1. Only Jehovah's Witnesses realize that there are only 144,000 anointed Christians, the remnant of which today aligns themselves with Jehovah's visible organization on earth with it's headquarters in the state of New York. True, many have claimed to be true Christians during the common era, and millions have sacrificed their lives but for nought, thinking they were holy ones. They were false Christians. Even Paul states that giving your body to be burned but with out the love of Jehovah is worthless. These were almost all engaged in vile creature worship of Jesus Christ; they celebrated birthdays and Christmas which Jehovah hates. So they are rejected by Jehovah, apostate to true Christianity.

    2. Only Jehovah's Witnesses realize that the governing body at headquarters, in line with the scriptures, represent the modern Faithful and Discrete Slave that Jesus talked about in Matthew 24; the original Slave being appointed in April of 1919 after Jesus cleansed his temple in 1918 by rejecting all of satan's organization, including that whore of Babylon, which goes by the name of Christendom.

    3. Only these original princes were clearly humble and obedient and therefore had Jehovah's full trust and that is why we trust them today. Jehovah continues to confirm that appointment by blessing his people on earth and giving them fine spiritual food at the appropriate time through the Slave. In all of the world, only the Slave has the mandate and ability to understand and interpret the Bible which is an organizational book, not meant for individuals to interpret themselves apart from Jehovah's faithful slave.

    4. Only Jehovah's Witnesses understand who the other sheep are. They are those who walk righteously; they have found Jehovah's visible organization on earth and serve God as a part of it. Ever since 1935 Jehovah has been calling these sheep to forsake the evils of Christendom and rely on the true leadership Jehovah has provided. Only Jehovah's Witnesses know that these are they which come out of great tribulation to serve Him in the outer courts of His temple arrangement. They are not born-again or anointed; they do not have a heavenly hope as they are not indwelt by holy spirit, nor are they part of the new covenant arrangement. They will be granted eternal life only after the 1000 year reign of Christ as the scripture teaches and will have earned their righteousness through obedience to the 144,000 during this period of judgment on the earth.

    5. Only Jehovah's Witnesses know that consuming blood and transfusing blood are an abomination to Jehovah. The Bible is clear on this subject but Christendom would rather ignore the clear commands of Jehovah provided in Acts 15 by the governing body of Jehovah's organization in Jerusalem. In His mercy, Jehovah has allowed some components of blood to be used to save lives and this is clear from scripture, since these components are no longer blood.

    6. Only Jehovah's Witnesses understand the times and seasons which are in the Lord's hands. Only they realize that the second advent of Jesus Christ occurred in October of 1914 and that this date marked the end of the “times of the gentiles” as Jesus Christ was enthroned, thrusting out the devil to work his havoc on the earth. Soon the devil will be assigned to the abyss and Christ will rule the earth through his servants.

    7. And lastly, only Jehovah's Witnesses obey Jehovah and if they endure to the end they alone will be saved from Armageddon which will soon wipe out billions of wicked men and women eternally including all those who believe and practice a lie. Jehovah will be vindicated when all such evil ones are destroyed eternally. Only Jehovah's Witnesses will survive to the new earth.

    The conclusion of the matter is just this. Come to Jehovah's organization and be saved. It will be too late to avoid destruction when the tribulation begins. “

  • Finkelstein

    Culpable lies and fabrication made with the intent to empower men and make a following of themselves.

    One thing WTS clearly demonstrated is that you make up a whole lot of self supporting contravening bullshit manipulated and exploited out of the Bible.

    Take their money and make them work for you while cultivating even more people to an lying deceptive fear mongering publishing cult.

  • nowwhat?

    Sounds good to me! Where do I sign up!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Oh, Poop.

  • recovering

    Where is your proof of the claims you have made ?

    For example your second point of being no part of Christendom. It is fact that the WBTS (and a matter of public record) went to court as a friend at court to Jimmy Swaggart along with other religions.

    "June 22, 1989 Watchtower Society, files amicus curiae ("friend of the court") brief with U.S. Supreme Court in Jimmy Swaggart case. Others filing similar briefs include National Council of Churches and Society for Krishna Consciousness"

    As far as your point regarding dates it has been proven that the WTBS has a long history of prophecy with regards false dates regarding the beginning of Armageddon. These prophetic dates include 1914, 1975 and others that have never occurred. Your own bible says so not follow false prophets .

  • asp59

    And the question is

    1 Can holy spirit have left the organization? It happened to Israel and first Christians.

    2 If Organization is being bless how come kh are half empty? They been banned in Russia? They loose so many child abuse Court cases? Why is there no more spiritual light so they have to make up the teaching about overlapping generation?

  • Finkelstein

    Can holy spirit have left the organization?

    It was never there from the WTS's Pyramidology days.

    It was solely the spirit of men and their endeavors and intent.

  • Vanderhoven7

    As I see it....the problem with the rant is that every point is simply Watchtower mythology. There are no scriptures to back up any of it.

    Its on the same level as previous WTS eschatology which saw the appointment of the Slave in 33 AD, the second presence occuring in 1874, Jesus taking kingdom power in 1878 which coincided with the resurrection of the anointed and the last vestige of human rule slated for 1914, and the resurrection of the ancient worthies determined for 1925.

    Only the Watchtower taught these truths and therefore must be the only true religion.

    Groundless assertion does not a true religion make.

    Reminds me of the mother who sees her son in a parade and boasts, "Look, my son is the only one in step!"

  • Whynot

    If Jesus did inspect Watchtower in 1919, what he found was not a cleansed organisation teaching truth, rather his inspection would have revealed a group promoting that:

    • The "Last Days" started in 1799 and the 1800s were the worst time period of all history
    • Jesus presence commenced in 1874
    • Jesus had begun ruling in 1878
    • Armageddon had occurred in 1914
    • Blood was acceptable as food for Christians
    • Jesus should be prayed to and worshipped, as well as Jehovah
    • The Great Crowd were a heavenly class
    • Birthdays and Christmas were acceptable celebrations
    • The cross was on the cover of the Watchtower
    • Teachings adapted from 1800's religious preachers and the Adventist movement, such as that pyramids and astrology supported 1914
    • Strong Zionist support for a new nation of Israel in fulfilment of Bible prophecy
    • The Faithful and Discreet Slave was not the anointed, but rather Pastor Russell

    By current standards, in 1919 Watchtower was very much an apostate organization

  • Whynot

    1935 is a made up date. No where in the Bible does it even hint at this date even if you try to manipulate it. The "other sheep" Jesus was reffering to are gentiles. The context speaks for itself.

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