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  • midnight

    regarding the recent 1975 video at the convention it hit me !

    when reasoning with people about the inspiration of the bible we used the bible writers candor ie/ there honesty when recording bible accounts about there personal mistakes .

    how come the governing body despite its claims to be spirit directed are not honest about there mistakes ?

  • Phoebe

    So true.

    I don't think I can recall in my 50 years in the organization even one occasion when they have said we are sorry or admitted they were wrong about something. I could be mistaken but I don't remember it happening. They are not humble people, well this lot aren't anyway. I think previous GB members maybe so, like Jack Barr sounded a lovely, kind man but this lot are a pompous!

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn


    They've only admitted for causing the hype over 1975 in the 1980 Yearbook, but that's the only thing

  • waton
    ...honesty when recording bible accounts about there personal mistakes .

    WT errors are not personal mistakes. They are fabrications, their responsibility compounded by multiple acquisition. Even by our spreading them in the past.

  • Chook

    This is religious fraud at the highest levels, just when we thought most of there problems originated years ago this current GB have done the unthinkable and tried to bullshit history. I personally reckon some would have left the Jw camp over this lying from the top down. Anyway this current bunch at the top would fit in well in any decade because the deceit has not altered for 140 years , fairytales and magic tricks work wonders on the crowds especially anything unseen ( heaven,hell angels ,god ) is the whole bible. Then they throw in the miracles . The next miracle from Warwick is how to fit 244000 in heaven.

  • ttdtt

    How often do they talk about how one of the Proofs that the bible is from god is that his servants in it always talk honestly about their mistakes, like moses and david...

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    My request to the governing body is firstly a humble and honest an apology: to admit they have been wrong all along and that they are just a commercial enterprise. (Peddling in people's hopes and dreams)

    Secondly I am asking that they shut up shop and give their wealth to all of those they have deprived of an education and of their self esteem and especially give to those suffering in ill health and poverty in their old age through believing and supporting their wacky prophecies.

    But then it is a principle of confidence tricksters to maintain their mask of total innocence.

  • HiddlesWife

    Arrogance + face saving = PRIDE has a great deal to do with them or anyone being dishonest.

    They know that if they were to admit their mistakes what the results/fall-out would be. You can tell, especially from the way T. Morris speaks (his talk about tight pants and brothers if they are not MSs by age 23, they are not be marriage candidates, which is really ridiculous. He has so much vehemence for people that he made a comment about once he ends his earthly course and ascends to heaven that he will join Jesus in killing all billions who do not worship Jehovah. The child abuse cases, shunning and the blood ban are decisions--personal and not scriptural--of their own making. They are using all of these personal mandates to have complete control in their quest for power over millions of people.

    They don't have an honest bone in their bodies!

  • UnshackleTheChains

    They could have been honest at this year's convention like saying

    'Dear brothers, we as an organisation have decided to make some important adjustments.

    admittedly, we got the year 1975 wrong. We printed this idea through a our literature which in turn built up false hopes. We on behalf of the GB wish to apologise for this error.

    Also just to set the record straight our understanding is that Jerusalem was actually destroyed in 587bce. But this doesn't change God's timing about the end of the 'age'.

    What's more, we would like to suggest that our teaching on blood, and the celebration of birthdays is now up to an individuals conscience and no one should judge his brother over their choices in such matters.

    If an individual chooses to leave the organisation freely. So be it. As a change in our policy individuals making such a decision should not be shunned. But out of Christian love, the door is always open to welcome such ones back.

    We have also made a thorough review of all our policies and would like to announce that are policies are available to read on our website JW.org. We also welcome any constructive feedback.

    We hope these changes reflect a Christ like spirit of love brothers. We thank our God Jehovah and our Lord Jesus Christ for helping us in bringing about these momentous changes.

  • ToesUp

    Governing Body : the true definition of narcissists. A narcissist will NEVER admit they are wrong. They would die before they ever admitted a mistake on their part.

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