A ridiculous thing I found in the old young people’s book

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  • Addison0998

    Has anyone ever seen this before? It was in some book for young people that I found going through the watchtower library when I was doing research for old publications, I cannot believe this lunacy, I feel so bad for the teenagers at the time who had to try to take this seriously, but they’re not a high control religion or cult though, anyways here is is :

    If you sleep in a room alone and you find that you seem to feel special stress in this direction at night, you may be able to arrange matters to share a room with another member of your family. Also, you may find it helpful to sleep on your side rather than on your back or face down.

    18 Another thing that may be helpful is to see to it that your clothing does not unnecessarily cause friction with the sexual organs. Before retiring, try to see that what you read or talk about has a calming effect rather than the opposite. So, too, with any eating that you do at this time. Some have even found that if they limit the amount of food and drink they consume before retiring they sleep more soundly and are not so inclined to be aroused sexually. And especially important is good masculine or feminine hygiene. Lack of cleanliness can produce irritation of the genital organs and pull one’s attention in that direction. You can inquire of your parents for information on such matters of personal hygiene.

  • blownaway

    I remember that BS. The book was on my book shelf in my room with penthouse under my bed. I remember I had two elders sons over for a sleep over. They would not go to bed looking at the penthouse. It woke me up several times and I had to tell them to go to sleep. They had never seen a nudie book before.

  • humbled

    Amazing, right? Like a medieval rule book for monks or nuns. I was in that religion. Nuts.

    Blownaway— ha!

  • ToesUp

    Crazy Bullsh*t from a crazy cult!!!

  • 2+2=5

    Jehovah is a jealous god and he’s always watching.

    Don’t touch your genitals!

  • Boredposter
    Maybe this advice worked for the old men who made up the governing body but I doubt it worked for any teenagers.
  • AQuestioningSoul22

    I think this is good advice for anyone having issues falling asleep

  • steve2

    I once read this book and blushed. I read it now and blush still - but for logically different reasons.

  • smiddy3

    Is that "Questions Young People Ask " book ? if it is I have a question that young people should ask that is not in the book .

    And this is strictly from the males perspective and I would be very interested if females have a similar problem that is not so obvious.?

    Its a physical thing that never seems to get spoken about or addressed from any quarter and from what I see no answer for .

    So here is the question .

    If God Jehovah created humans why do males from INFANCY get erections that they have no control over .?

    Children pre puberty who have no idea what their Penus is for except to pee out of and have no idea of sex or procreation and yet get erections for no apparent reason.

    And this happens from infancy ,so if God created man why would this be so ?

    They are not thinking of sex ,girls or women and have no idea why it occurs and it does so randomly out of the blue for no reason at all .

    That is a question that should have been in that book

    Pardon my ignorance but do females have anything like that experience pre-puberty from infancy ?

    Don`t laugh I`m serious,

  • slimboyfat

    Like I was saying the other day, I’m sure I read somewhere that Raymond Franz wrote this book. I’d need to find that confirmation, but interesting if so.

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