Incomplete List of Reasons or Ways to Die in the Bible

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  • blisterfeet

    Death by birthday party

  • smiddy3

    So you have got as far as 11 bible books and 156 "ways or reasons to die in the bible " I cant wait for you to cover the next 28 books of the "Old Testament"

    And the 27 books of the "New Testament" I know their is some great ways to die in there .

    I look forward to see the final count unless I get snuffed before then.

    It makes you wonder about this statement in the Bible doesn`t it ?

    John 3:16 " For God loved the world so much...."

    Isn`t it normal to judge a being by their actions and not by their words ?

  • LeeT

    It might be worth cross checking with Steve Wells "Drunk with Blood" which catalogues all the deaths meted out or sanctioned by Jehovah, along with the 10 performed by Satan.

    Drunk With Blood Gods Killings In The Bible - Steve Wells.pdf

  • Vidiot

    "A Billion Ways to Die in the Bible"... written and directed by Seth McFarlane.

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