Incomplete List of Reasons or Ways to Die in the Bible

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    I´ve come up with a partial list (I am only in 1 Kings) of the many reasons and ways to die in the Bible.

    Maybe, when I am in Revelation, I am going to share the full list. How many do you think I´ll end up having?? So far, I have over 150!

    Number Description
    1 "Assault", murder
    2 Undescribed murder
    3 Natural causes
    4 Rapture
    5 Drowned in a Global Flood
    6 Get stuck in bitumen
    7 Being descendant of Abraham and not being circumcised
    8 Human Sacrifice
    9 Fire and sulphur rain
    10 Turn into a pillar of salt
    11 With a sword while recovering from circumcision
    12 Giving birth
    13 Killed by Jehovah for "being bad"
    14 Killed by Jehovah for not performing levirate marriage
    15 Hung on a stake (cross), then the birds eating your body
    16 Struck down (murder)
    17 Hail
    18 Death penalty for Eating leavened things during the 7 days after the passover
    19 Killed by Jehovah for being the firstborn of a person who didn't put blood in his door
    20 A giant wall of water
    21 War, by the sword
    22 Shot through
    23 Death penalty for murder
    24 Death penalty for striking father or mother
    25 Death penalty for kidnapping
    26 Death penalty for calling evil upon father or mother
    27 Death penalty for killing your slave
    28 Be hit by your master but survive two days
    29 Death penalty for killing a pregnant woman
    30 Death penalty for causing an abortion
    31 Death penalty for not keeping a known deadly bull in pen and the bull kills someone
    32 Death penalty for killing a thief in daylight
    33 Death penalty for being a sorcerer
    34 Death penalty for bestiality
    35 Death penalty for sacrificing to gods other than Jehovah
    36 Death by Jehovah for afflicting a fatherless boy or a widow
    37 Death penalty for being in the sanctuary without a bell
    38 Death penalty for being in the sanctuary without proper clothes
    39 Death penalty for being in the sanctuary without washing hands and feet
    40 Death penalty for copying ointment
    41 Death penalty for copying incense
    42 Death penalty for doing work in Sabbath
    43 Death penalty for not doing the 7 days of atonement
    44 Prescribing illegitimate fire
    45 Death penalty for grieving sons killed by Jehovah
    46 Death penalty for drinking alcohol while in sanctuary
    47 Coming into the sanctuary when there is a cloud over the ark
    48 Not burning incense in the sanctuary
    49 Death penalty for eating communion meat while unclean
    50 Death penalty for eating fat off of the sacrifice to Jehovah
    51 Death penalty for eating blood
    52 Death penalty for killing an animal and not presenting it for sacrifice
    53 Death penalty for sex with mother
    54 Death penalty for sex with father
    55 Death penalty for sex with stepmother
    56 Death penalty for sex with sister
    57 Death penalty for sex with half sister
    58 Death penalty for sex with granddaughter
    59 Death penalty for sex with paternal aunt
    60 Death penalty for sex with maternal aunt
    61 Death penalty for sex with paternal uncle
    62 Death penalty for sex with paternal uncle's wife (aunt)
    63 Death penalty for sex with daughter in law
    64 Death penalty for sex with sister in law (brother's wife)
    65 Death penalty for marrying a woman and her daughter, or a woman and her granddaughter
    66 Death penalty for marrying a woman and her sister while the woman is living
    67 Death penalty for sex with a menstruating woman
    68 Death penalty for adultery
    69 Death penalty for human child sacrifice
    70 Death penalty for homosexual sex (MSM)
    71 Death penalty for eating a sacrifice three days or more after being killed
    72 Death penalty for going to a fortune teller
    73 Burned alive
    74 Stoned
    75 Death penalty for prostitution
    76 Death penalty for not being afflicted on the day of atonement
    77 Death penalty for abusing God's name
    78 Tuberculosis
    79 Burning Fever
    80 Accident while blind
    81 Hunger
    82 Eaten by wild beasts
    83 Cannibalized
    84 Plague
    85 Being "devoted to destruction"
    86 Coming near to the tabernacle without being a Levite
    87 Doing priesthood stuff without being a priest
    88 Being a Kohatite and touching the holy place
    89 Not doing the passover without an excuse
    90 Swallowed up by the Earth
    91 Bitten by poisonous serpents
    92 Have your arms and legs broken and left to die "exposed"
    93 Having a spear ran through your genitals while having sex
    94 Gored by a bull
    95 Falling from a roof
    96 Having an ax head accidentally kill you
    97 Receiving too many cane whippings
    98 Bleeding after having your hand cut off
    99 Infection after having your hand cut off
    100 Fire coming from heaven
    101 Die in the wilderness because you were over 20 when Israel rebelled
    102 Being a woman and captured by Israelites and having had your hymen broken
    103 Being outside the city of refuge and meeting your avenger
    104 Being a prophet and talking about revolting against Jehovah
    105 Death penalty for trying to get others to not worship Jehovah
    106 Death penalty for being in a city where people preached about gods not being Jehovah
    107 Death penalty for being presumptuous to a judge
    108 Death penalty for being a disobedient son
    109 Death penalty for a woman being found to not be virgin when she gets married
    110 Death penalty for being a rapist of an engaged woman
    111 Death penalty for being raped in a city and not screaming
    112 Inflamation
    113 Feverish heat
    114 Scorched
    115 Mildew
    116 Boil of Egypt
    117 Eczema
    118 Skin Eruption
    119 Madness
    120 Malignant boil
    121 Eating poisonous plants
    122 Crushed by Jericho's Walls
    123 Having someone put their foot on your neck and then people hurt you until your death
    124 Having all your fingers and toes cut off, then left to die
    125 Someone stabs you and then all your intestines and poop comes out
    126 Having a nail hammered through your head
    127 Being locked in a room set on fire
    128 Back raked with thorns
    129 Having your head crushed by a grinding stone, then finished by having a sword ran through
    130 Struck by a donkey's jaw
    131 Crushed by a falling building
    132 Being raped all night long, then dismembered after death
    133 Falling and breaking your neck
    134 Hacked to pieces
    135 Killed twice
    136 Having a rock, slingshot, go through your brain
    137 Decapitated
    138 Possibly a brain hemmorrhage
    139 Suicide by falling upon your sword
    140 Death-dealing confusion
    141 In a fight where you put a sword through someone while having a sword being put through you
    142 Stabbed under the fifth rib
    143 Hanged after having hands and legs cut off
    144 Being put in a line and killed depending on your position on that line.
    145 Sawed to death
    146 Trillado
    147 Axed
    148 Burnt alive in an oven
    149 Strangle yourself
    150 Being caught in a tree, then having three spears ran through your heart, then having 10 guys beat you up till you die
    151 Being put in the front line of battle and having other soldiers retreat
    152 Unspecified disease that takes 7 days to kill a newborn
    153 Stabbed then having your intestines spill out and wallow in your blood
    154 Killed by a lion but not eaten, then the lion just stands there.
    155 Corpse eaten by dogs
    156 Corpse eaten by birds
  • Betheliesalot

    "touching the holy place" ha ha

  • EverApostate

    Stoning to death for picking up sticks on a Sabbath day

    That is why I am terrified to do any work on Sundays.

  • sir82

    I don't see the 42 bears thing - maybe you didn't get that far?

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Yeah... not yet. hahaa

  • Tameria2001

    Wasn't there a death by the jaw bone of an @$$?

  • sparrowdown

    Consumed from the inside by worms?

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    There is a CLASSIC book like this from C. 1989. The author still makes a steady flow of money from it:

    (Yours would be AMAZING if you can find an illustrator. Seriously.)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    wots 146 trillado ?

    is it a take away menu ?

    or a sexual position ?

  • ILoveTTATT2

    "Trillado" is raked over...

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