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  • _Morpheus

    Im sorry, in my haste to post i didnt realize that part of my comments were missing. What i posted was not my own. Its a zen story i like and your original post reminded me of it.

    I am very very much a believer in letting go of personal wt frustrations but also a believer in helping others out of the org wherever possible. Its a balance between not living in bondage to past wrongs (or carrying the girl) but also not forgetting the reasons to help others still trapped.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Bottom line: do what you are passionate about, what makes you proud. Do what makes you happy

  • eyeuse2badub

    I believe that we all start out like guy B in the op. It definitely takes time to shed (for many of us a life time) the indoctrination of the wt. I know that i was one bitter sob when I first discovered ttatt. But as time and other rewarding facets of this real life have manifest themselves, I have gravitated to be more of guy A!

    As guy A, I have come to appreciate that while life is finite, it can be filled with wonderful events and many happy days just by having a positive attitude and seeing the good in people and life!

    just saying!

  • BluesBrother

    I think the parables are good. The key is how we are free.To nurture anger , regret is only hurting ourselves. The fact is we can be free even though we exist in close proximity to it. .. It is how you feel within that counts.

    Richard Lovelace recognized that , nearly 400 years ago . He was imprisoned at the time because of conscience.

    "Stone walls do not a prison make,

    Nor iron bars a cage:
    Minds innocent and quiet take
    That for an hermitage.
    If I have freedom in my love,
    And in my soul am free,
    Angels alone, that soar above,
    Enjoy such liberty."
  • ILoveTTATT2

    There is nothing wrong with being guy A. I am perfectly happy if most people who free themselves from the Watchtower end up being guy A, in fact.

    Don't be Guy B of the first parable... that's wrong. Holding on to grudges and stuff for many years can hurt you.

    But you can be Guy B from the second one without being Guy B from the first one... Be an activist but have your own life.

    Now, let's all get together and have a beer and some barbecue ;)

  • sinboi

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