I have question about Harry Peloyan

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  • yoko N
    yoko N

    I learned from Loyd Evans video that because of his higher education (Harvard graduate)

    and talented carrier in Wall street journal,Harry Peloyan was very quick to be invited to World HQ.

    According to his life story (W May 1 ,2006) , he was invited to WHQ in 1957.

    I wonder when was he baptized?

    Is it true that people who have higher education be used by the org more quickly than people who don’t?

  • steve2

    Yes Yoko. There have been some compelling accounts on this forum and elsewhere about “loyal” JWs who have not pursued higher education and put the Kingdom first, beiing passed over by those who, as active Witnesses, put themselves through college and/or university and became doctors, lawyers or nurses(etc).

    In fact, quite recently, the organization put out a written communication (in the States?) for JWs in good standing who had current practicing certificates in the field of law.

    ExJW Fifth interviewed an exJW from South America who was often called upon to do legal work for the branch office. She bypassed the usual pathway to Bethel service simply because she was a practicing lawyer - and, of course, a sister - which is quite an achievement in this fiercely patriarchal religion

    i do not have the relevant links so I hope others can provide them.

  • Phoebe

    EXJW FIFTH also interviewed a young man who was in Bethel and had followed all of the WTs advice about higher education. He said it was really annoying and unfair that having obeyed the GB he then saw university educated brothers fast tracked into high positions in Bethel.

  • zeb

    The hypocrisy of the gb knows no end.

  • yoko N
    yoko N

    Thanks,steve2. I will follw FIFTHs video, thak you Phoebe.

  • Iamallcool


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I was being passed by a few times when I so wanted to be in bethel. But no sooner did they learn I was skilled in 7 different languages (now 13, all self taught) boom I was sent a special request through a branch representative with the form.

    And people say Hindsight is a good thing.I would prefer Foresight.

    Should have woken up then.


  • Solzhenitsyn


    I can't remember how many letters, both to the BOE for internal reference and read to the congregation, requesting those with advanced trades consider serving WT either at bethel or as a remote worker.

    Many letters of recommendation I wrote over the years glorifying the abilities of engineers, estimators, trained medical personnel, and a paralegal who went to Bethel.

    When speaking with a few Bethel overseers, most recently ones dealing with the Warwick project, I was specifically told degreed personnel are given preference.

  • yoko N
    yoko N

    ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara, Your experience is very interesting.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Yoko N

    I havent written the half of it! This branch representative came for the 3 day convention and on Friday when I met him he casually mentioned it would be nice to see me at the "bethel meeting". I did not respond.

    After the " bethel Meeting " was over (I did not sit at the meeting ofcourse coz I lost the desire by then), Saturday after the session he come sup tome and says why were you not at the meeting for bethel service? I just deflected and he kept on saying you should you know, you are very skilled, we would love your expertise (when they need you, skills become an expertise). Sunday all day he kept on urging me to fill the form and he would see to it that he personally delivers it, sees to all the protocols so that I will be invited.

    When I did not respond positively as he wished, he at last before leaving , one last time asked "are you so fed up with us lot that you do not want to come to Bethel anymore?"

    Guess what I was so fuming inside I said yes and just left.

    Guess who 's had the last laugh!


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