I have question about Harry Peloyan

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  • Atlantis
  • silentbuddha

    Bethel loves educated and rich folks and they are highly favored.

    When I went there was this new guy named Robert Rivera. He was a developer at LUCENT and when he came he had a big ass room and was instantly placed in a department doing high level shit.

    Rich kids or families that were well off, of which I knew 3 had huge rooms. 2 of which actually had no roommates and were placed in nice cushie hige although they had no experience.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Ok.... I knew Harry when I was back in Bethel. He was highly intelligent. So much so that I think deep down inside he knew.....

    He knew there was bull shit was a foot. However when you are that high up in the peeking order and have invested your whole life into that bull shit.....what can you do?

    Trust in Jehovah to straighten it out....lol

  • Tenacious

    Why pay for specialized skills and training when you can get them for free.

    Thanks for the links to the documents Atlantis!!

  • steve2

    Love the double talk: We are looking for volunteers who have got the appropriate level of skills and expertise (obtained through higher education) but we do not want anyone to obtain higher education.

    JW organization is very skilled at sending double messages: We need to exploit your existing salient skills and expertise but we do not want you to specifically go into training to obtain those skills

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