Deceptive comments or lies that you have heard from platform or brothers & sisters?

by Farmer Jim1 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • DesirousOfChange

    Going to college is evil because all all that goes on is sex, drugs and rock-n-roll

    OK, I admit it. THAT is why I hate missing out on college. It has nothing to do with the high paying careers that I missed out on. Its the sex and drugs and music. Besides, after reading the Awake! magazine for decades, why would I need college?

    Greatest lie:

    How about the big Eldubs meeting with the video about how all the embezzled congregation funds are going to be spent building 500-1000 new commercial styled Kingdum Halls in the US and the urgent need for skilled craftsmen to commit to 6-month or 1-year work assignments on all of these new Halls.

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