Deceptive comments or lies that you have heard from platform or brothers & sisters?

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  • sparky1

    "It could be just a few more months before Jehovah closes the Ark door."

  •  Sally fields
    Sally fields

    It's not a lie on the platform as such . But i had a relationship with an elder who gives the watchtower study . Made me laugh everytime i was to see him conduct the watchtower . Hypocrite...

  • Ding

    Imagine... studying the bible outside of the Watchtower magazines is a sin!

    This doesn't surprise me at all.

    The greatest sin a JW can commit is independent thinking.

  • FedUpJW

    "You can know we have the truth by the unselfish love we show one another."

    Biggest lie yet!

  • waton
    Instructor in elder class: "Now, I am not a mechanic, but finding the motor in the trunk really surprised me therefore:--

    Just to clarify, This was a deceptive attempt to raise himself above the redneck- car loving males of the day, referring to the rear engined, Beetles, Corvairs, Porsches, Ralph Nader (unsafe at any speed) bru ha ha of the day. This set the tone for the course, to talk down to the dejected crowd be had put in it's place by these comments.

  • _Morpheus

    Thats an interesting attempt to belittle the audience, admitting you (the speaker) are a moron. Vw/porsche never hid where they put the engine. It wasnt a secret. Its also not a trunk in rear engine mount vehicle, its an engine compartment.

    What it really seems to me is to be the all too often used attempt at “folksy” wisdom, an appeal to what seems to be “common sense” but what is actually the speaker admitting they didnt know something obvious or they think the audiance didnt (and likely did). Its was always irritating. When done well by a professional comedian (see larry the cable guy) its funny. When moron jw speakers try it, its generally trite and zzzz inspiring.

    God im glad not to be subjected to that nonsense anymore.

  • tiki

    1...we alone have the truth.

    2....we are the happiest people......

    3....we are the most educated people.....

  • awake!watcher

    "This is Jehovah's organization.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I laugh at it now but in the day I thought it was true. Reading the Wt. and Awake was like having a college education. Going to college is evil because all all that goes on is sex, drugs and rock-n-roll this is no place for a Christian. Circuit overseer telling me there is no child abuse taking place in the organization. Still ADD

  • Nevuela

    My roommate was listening in on the Thursday ministry school meeting via speaker phone last week, and from my room I heard a man talk at length about how Jehovah's generosity exceeds that of all others.

    Just a couple weeks prior to this, I had gotten into an argument with my roommate over whether or not Jehovah will resurrect our pets. She, of course, said no, because "Jesus didn't die for animals," despite my many conjectures:

    1. That animals themselves were once sacrificed in order to fulfill the ransom of Christ before He was born

    2. The Bible tells animals have souls

    3. Animals are without sin, and therefore don't need Jesus to die for them

    4. Jehovah promised us the desires of our hearts, and I firmly believe that should include resurrecting our pets

    She dug her Bible out and quoted something from Corinthians at me, but I was too upset to remember what it was. All I can recall is that it was too vague for anyone in their right mind to get "animals die forever" out of it. In fact, it sounded to me like the writer admitted in a roundabout way that he didn't have the answer either.

    As it grew increasingly harder to argue with her, I started saying things like "my mom always said if she could bring our pets back to life, she would, so why wouldn't Jehovah?" and "if it were up to you, wouldn't YOU resurrect your pets?" She finally said, in an angry tone (which is EXTREMELY rare for her because she is literally one of the most cheerful, positive people you will ever meet) "Well, you can take it up with Jehovah," and "I don't want to argue with you, because what you're saying sounds very close to blasphemy."

    To call a god who refuses to resurrect our pets the most generous being in all of creation when countless humans would not hesitate to do so if they had the power is probably one of the most deceptive things I have ever heard from the borg.

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